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Virgo New Moon: Humble Harvest

Astraea, the Goddess associated with Virgo, was the last immortal to live on Earth, until she left in disgust, so disturbed by humanity’s wickedness, evil and corruption. If she was truly a Virgo, she probably also developed a digestive, respiratory condition or other physical ailment from all the pollution, too. Nonetheless, Astraea became part of […]


Aquarius Full Moon: The Aquarian Stands Apart

There are only a few people I speak to consistently on a weekly basis: my husband and my therapist. My husband is a Leo, and my therapist is an Aquarian. As I interact with entirely different personalities, I receive very different gifts. Affection, play, fun-loving antics are the Leo’s specialty. An entertainer exemplar, he makes […]

Theatre stage with red curtain and spotlights on the stage floor.

Leo New Moon: Step Into The Light

Do you see me? Do you see? Do you like me? Do you like me standing there? Do you notice? Do you know? Do you see me? Do you see me? Does anyone care?  -Ode to My Family, The Cranberries As an introvert, I doubt I’ll ever feel comfortable being the center of attention. While […]

exuberant girl and camel

Jupiter in Leo: Dare To Shine

Always jump in the puddles!  Always skip alongside the flowers.  The only fights worth fighting are the pillow and food varieties.  -Terri Guillemets Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. -Dr. Seuss Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which […]

Heart Shadow by KissMeApocalypse

Capricorn Full Moon: The Shape Of My Heart

Before the Uranus-Pluto square began making matters of life direction (and pretty much everything) tougher to unravel, it was much easier for me to offer Joseph Campbell’s career advice to those clients who were miserable in their professions. “Follow your bliss” I’d say, and point to the major career indicators in the chart: Sun (creative […]


The Nudge of The Moon

It’s Cancer Sun season. The Sun is now ruled by the Moon, so it’s a time for quieting down, listening to the Soul. The feminine Moon presides over our heart and soul while the masculine Sun presides over the Ego, the Self, and it’s glorious prizes of achievement and recognition. While both dance across the sky […]

the charmer by waterhouse

Cancer New Moon: Healing Sanctuary

“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.” -Rumi I first moved out to California shortly after graduating from college, and my mother’s death.  San Francisco proved to be far foggier and colder than I thought. The saving grace of that first home I lived in was its close proximity to a lush […]

strengthen self confidence thru spirit

Chiron: Pain Without Suffering

Is it possible to experience pain without suffering? As a person who has lived chronic illness for 23 years, and the last 11 of those with chronic pain, yes it is. Case in point: when my Fibromyalgia pain was at its most awful worst, awash with both pleasure and pain chemicals, I fell head over […]

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Sagittarius Full Moon: A Life Less Ordinary

“Dwell in possibility.” “Truth is so rare it is delightful to tell it.” – Emily Dickinson Famous Sagittarian (Sun, Mercury, Venus) poet Emily Dickinson may seem an unlikely fit for this adventurous sign. Emily was an ordinary recluse, an eccentric social hermit who wore white clothing and eventually lived her life from one room. You wouldn’t […]


Gemini New Moon: Refreshing Power

Every day is a new chance to be healthy. I remember reading this phrase, cut out from a magazine, on a friend’s vision board twenty odd years ago. The “Every day is a new chance to…” felt so enticing to me. What I didn’t know even then was that I was about to make a big […]

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