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Cancer New Moon: Season of the Moon

It’s Cancer season. If Cancer season had a soundtrack it would be that of waves gently lapping on an ocean beach. If it had a taste, it would be sweet ripe berries. As the Sun warms the soul, when nostalgia beckons from the corner of our memories, this is the season to seek soul-contentedness because […]

Clearing the Energy of Persecution

To listen, click the arrow above or download right here. As sometimes happens, in tune with the planets, we have experiences of energy that filter into our consciousness wanting to be cleared. This week, with Neptune changing directions and Saturn opposing the Sun, a theme has been persecution.

Book Review: Moon Power

Simone Butler’s sumptuous new book Moon Power quietly arrived on my doorstep as if brought by fairies (our road is closed, and we rarely have the luxury of door to door delivery anymore, so this was exceptional).

Sagittarius Full Moon: Strawberry Moon

Listen by pressing “play” above, or download as MP3 here. Some days trying to find myself is like trying to find keys in a snowstorm I know She is there but I can’t see her The motion, energy and debris flies around, obscuring vision, clarity, knowing

Gemini New Moon: Inner Listening

Click here to download audio recording of this essay as an MP3 I’d been getting reacquainted with yoga, lately, trying to get with a more conscious version of yoga. I don’t need yoga for exercise, I walk my dog and do cardio every day. I wanted a practice to deepen my awareness, to turn up the […]

Video: How to Align with True Self Change

  You are ready to make a major change -in your relationship patterns, living situation, choice of work, etc. How do you know whether you’re making a True Self choice -one that will bring new, exciting growth- or you’re just replicating an old pattern? Tune into your energy body. You can watch the video above or read […]

Scorpio Full Moon: Thrill of Desire

Scorpio Full Moon connects us with our desires, fears and boundaries. Each play off the other. As a feeling, desire and fear aren’t very far apart, but one puts butterflies in your stomach and the other feels more like lead in your gut. Here’s how I know when fear is a red light and when it’s green, signaling something new to courageously explore: I want it. Not in a fatal attraction way, but in a subtle flicker, a little thrill, of desire.

Taurus New Moon: Earth Magic

Venus, planet of the Divine Feminine, rules this New Moon. Due to her retrograde, Venus in Pisces has been conjunct Chiron and square Saturn for most of April, bringing relationship frustrations, feelings of helplessness, loss and existential loneliness to surface. Taurus New Moon has healing magic in it, Earth Magic. Take the parts of you that have fragmented, from confusion, fear and hurt into Mother Nature.

Libra Full Moon: Spring Cleaning

We had a real estate agent visit our house this weekend and we saw our house through his eyes. Our 1930’s cottage is quirky in the extreme, and he was sensitive with us about it. Yet both of us replayed his comments for the next few days–from the assumptions that the kids painted the poetry […]

Simple Release Ritual

This is a simple way to shift stuck energy. I’ve used this method of working with relationship energy, spiritually, for years, and been amazed not only at the difference I’ve felt afterwards, but how others’ respond as if they were healed, too. Often we don’t need to have “the conversation”- the one that brings up old wounds and potentially reopens […]

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