Cancer of Compassion

Dalai Lama: 6 July 1935

Cancer’s identity centers on home and family, so it must be terribly painful for His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso to be exiled from his home country, Tibet since 1950. Nobel Peace Prize winner and Spiritual leader, His Holiness was recognized as a reincarnation of the XII Dalai Lama at age two (this story is beautifully told in the movie Kundun). In Buddhism, Dalai Lamas are enlightened beings choosing reincarnation to compassionately serve others. While the Dalai Lama directly serves the people of Tibet, whose cultural, spiritual legacy continues to be dismantled by the Chinese government, indirectly, he serves anyone who aspires to end suffering. Cancerians have a strong tie to the past – in it they see rich treasures, like wisdom teachings of ancestors. For the Dalai Lama, precious centuries of ancient spiritual texts risk extinction. Although territorial and protective, Cancer is a lover, not a fighter. His Holiness practices non-violent resistance – resisting Chinese occupation through his peaceful world presence. A truly awakened voice for compassion, tolerance and world peace, his bright light shines for all.


  1. Hi, Jessica — During the last few years, after my separation and divorce, I felt a strong loss of home and community and a resulting bewilderment that left me sad and confused. I found great inspiration and consolation from reading the Dalai Lamas’ words and thoughts on his exile from Tibet and the many blessings that he felt were the result of this profound change. Talk about truly living “impermanence”! Most notably, I think he emphasized that Buddhism and the idea of “Tibet” were stronger than ever, ironically having been lost to the Chinese. I pondered long and often over what constituted a “home” for me. I found in my new and constantly changing circumstances, that “home” was wherever I felt….very simple…. “at home”. Favorite spots in the natural world there, a certain “pink house” here, etc! A difficult lesson to experience, but I am so grateful for it! Sanctuary abounds in this loving Universe. 🙂 Lise

  2. Maggiethecancer says:

    I think that the Dalai Lama is a good example of a cancer.

  3. Thank you, Lise! As a Cancer, I’ve had the experience of exile from my “homeland” too, several times over. It’s an incredible spiritual growth opportunity, one difficult to see as such at the time. I used to say my favorite place to be was wherever I was at the moment…but maybe that was a way of making homelessness mentally bearable when my heart hadn’t arrived. Home IS where the heart is. And sometimes when you lose one, you’ve got to patiently, tenderly cultivate a new one.

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