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Owen Wilson, The Masked Scorpion

owen Owen Wilson’s drug overdose or attempted suicide shocked everyone because it contradicted the image we have of Owen. Because he’s a comic, an all American guy with surfer dude good looks, wit and charm. In the astrological world, we’d call his personification or “mask,” the Ascendant – and possibly the Midheaven as we see Owen’s professional face, too. The face we wear to the world, our cosmic clothes or heavenly garments say tons about how we get where we’re going, but little about the character beneath. As George Michael sang, “the clothes do not make the man.”

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Will the Virgo/Pisces Eclipse End My Relationship With Mr. Pisces?

Dear Moonkissd,

I am a 25 year Capricorn female and I was dating a 23 year old Pisces male for over 3 1/2 years. Both of us have struggled to get our careers off the ground and money has been tight. However, I have recently gotten a great job where I can use my B.A. in Literature. He is a struggling musician with no current income but plenty of talent.

Back in May he told me he wanted a break. [Read more…]

Minute-Taking At A 5th House Pisces Lunar Eclipse Meeting

So I meet semi-regularly with an expandable/shrinking group of artist boheme xmfriends. We’re artistic advocates for one another’s work. As supporters of the creator within, we don’t necessarily even like the other’s work (we cleared that one up yesterday)…that’s not what we’re about. We’re advocates of the artistic process, conspirators of each other’s creativity. We’re a support group for the fantastically fabulous artist and the barely limping along one. Like a modern day la boheme, we’re outcasts and believers. It takes courage to create. We need each other.

We’re also feeling the effects of the Pisces Full Moon Eclipse. [Read more…]

Connecting with Stardust

“A philosopher once asked, are we human because we gaze at the stars, Stardust movie cropor do we gaze at them because we’re human? Pointless really. But do the stars gaze back? Now that’s a question.” -From the movie, Stardust

I snuck away for a matinee movie last week, Stardust. A girlfriend suggested:

“You know being in our line of work, you might want to see the movie Stardust…it may be far bigger than the summer’s blockbuster, maybe even up there with the Wizard of Oz.” I knew she was mystically speaking, of course.

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Heavenly Conversations at the Local Office Supply Store

During Virgo Sun, we have Earth to Heaven conversations with ourselves, especially about what’s right and fair.

Earth Mama: Here I am waiting in line at Staples. It’s like race day at the track. Everyone’s buying back to school supplies, what a mess of kids and moms! Oh my Fabulous, the checkout girl looks tired and I can already tell she won’t give me a refund for my printer ink. Yep, she’s insisting I bought the wrong one. I know I didn’t. She’s stressed. Choice: I can either make a scene [Read more…]

It’s all G-O-O-D for Virgo

golden age sm

The golden age was first; when Man yet new,
No rule but uncorrupted reason knew:
And, with a native bent, did good pursue.
Unforc’d by punishment, un-aw’d by fear -Ovid

Sounds like a Virgo: ruled by reason, she puts G-O-O-D in the world. Minus an “O” and you’ve got G-O-D, really just an acronym for Good Orderly Direction. The Earth Mama aspect of Virgo makes her a great organizer, worker and helper. Virgo’s Birkenstocks are really fairy slippers for the Queen of Heaven. The mystical aspect of Virgo is that she takes Good Orderly Direction real well.

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