Professional Help and Skeptics

In my last New Moon post I spoke to the Leo in all of us – the creator, skeptic sm muse and artist who doesn’t want to take any &*$% from The Man, who just wants to get paid to do what we love. Professionally speaking, there are many characters in each of us who are just dying to be lived out. In the chart, they’re the planets – like little people who, when given a microphone, have some very informative things to say about many subjects, including life/career direction.

So when I came across this mainstream article in the SF Chronicle,Professionally adrift? Consult your inner neutrinos written by one Gemini reporter, I was intrigued. I don’t know much about Human Design, other than it’s another face of astrology. Although I have one girlfriend who told me her psychic/astrologer uses the Human Design Model who when asked, said:

“There are thousands of incarnational crosses one can choose to be born under. Mine is the Left Angle Cross of Defiance. It adds a lot of flavor to the Western Chart.”

My girlfriend is a Taurus, so that applies. And the West Coast chick recently plopped herself down into the Deep South. Talk about defiance!

But I don’t want to reach too far into something I know little about. Other than it has astrology correlates. And for whatever reason, some people “get it” (ie astrology, tarot, human design, whatever) and move mountains with the insight “it” allows… and for others, the crow flies right by.

Despite the stereotypically snide/skeptic reporter attitude (trust me, they don’t have this ‘tude everywhere. In the UK, they love their astrologers), I’m always happy to see astrology in the news.

Astrology, channeling, tarot? What works for you?



  1. Hey Jessica,

    Great to find your blog! This article caught my attention too. I love design and as a coach reference it with my clients. It seems to resonate in a really big way with them as it did me. Check out my reponse to the article posting as well as the responses of others.

    Tuck, The Rebel Belle
    A Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression

  2. Wow, thanks for finding me and posting your site, Belle. Cool concept, Rebel Belle! I looked at a couple of your posts and for those who want to explore Human Design further, they can now get in touch with you.

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