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Mars on Venus: Do Men Believe in Love At First Sight?

Ah, an article on Venus, (below) according to a man! Okay, so maybe some of you knew this. Venus-MarsBut let’s reiterate: Venus is the feminine principle of attraction. She attracts, magnetizes and receives – all without lifting a finger. It’s a skill. She does however, raise eyebrows, hemlines and the other sex’s curiosity. How? With sweet subtlety, intelligent inquiry and masterful mystique.

The great thing is: men want what women do naturally. There’s nothing manipulative, pushy or coy about our power to attract when it’s grounded in self-respect, self-esteem and spirituality. The article below names the pitfalls of an insecure, naive approach to love. The way I see it, “a boozy kiss after your introduction” is just troubled. A woman who moves too fast, spills her soul before it’s time, and is overly provocative has something deeper to heal in her heart. Desparation, a man never wins. [Read more…]

Aries Harvest Moon: Surveying The Competition At The Meat Market

cabbageIt’s the Full Moon in Aries. Where to cull our courage and confidence? How to emulate energy? Despite the Full Moon feel of culmination, we’re eternal children with Aries. We’re always starting at the beginning, and just that naïve about moving forward without burning out. It’s also Harvest Moon, the wrapping up of a cycle of growth. Like our ancestor farmers, we offer up our crops to the world, the summation of what we’ve tended daily since this time last year. Now we take our harvest to the market of Libra, only giving away the best of our self, presenting the most attractive and likable version of “me.” We’re extremely sensitive to the markets demands, what it is people want versus what we have to offer. Especially if everyone’s buying from the table next door; and overlooking ours. Now that really gets our Aries gall going. As my little Capricorn cousin used to say, What am I? Chopped liver? There’s nothing like being ignored to throw ambitions into over drive, “that’s not fair!”

In modern terms, this Aries-Libra dynamic is a lot like dating. In fact, it is dating.

[Read more…]

Dinner by Candlelight With Mars-Pluto

Astrology shows up all the time around here. On Friday’s Mars Pluto opposition -and- Venus Neptune seems like relationships are hard workopposition, we played host to the planets. Once you get to know the archetypes of the planets and their personalities, you’ll begin to recognize them as characters in your life, too.

We had a dinner guest over on Friday night, Mars-Pluto.

We played the gracious host and hostess, Venus-Neptune.

Mars-Pluto was over 45 minutes late and hadn’t bothered to call. Mars-Pluto had been playing golf, and being the macho-macho man he is, we had to cut him some slack – it was a sporting event after all.

Venus-Neptune used the extra time to stare into one another’s eyes, hug, kiss, touch and prepare the ambience: candlelight, music and incense. At one point Venus-Neptune even said, [Read more…]

Sun Enters Libra: Own Your Inner Beauty

With Autumn, so shifts the Sun from Virgo, to Libra. Did you feel the way sweaters the air became crisper, cooler? The Sun’s move from an earthy sign to an airy sign is felt in the air. As us warm weather folks mourn yearly summer’s passing and put away our tank tops and bikinis till next year (or a mid-winter getaway to warmer climes), our cool weathered friends rejoice: its sweater season! Sweaters are a comfy, cozy way to take the chill off. Warm, comfy and fabulous, I love long sweater coats, wraps and a more recently discovery – shrugs – just a few discovery for Sun in Libra’s style hunting days.

Among many other things, Libra is “make-me-over-for-another” season. Libra knows intelligent style, skilled in the panache of talking smart and looking good while doing it. As the Sun moves from Virgo into Libra, we’ve healed the discrepancy between who we see our self as, and who we are really. Armed with a sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance (Virgo), we’re ready to prepare to meet the world in style. [Read more…]

Comic Cameron

cameron diazCameron Diaz: 30 August 1972

Acting hit Cameron like a bright idea – out of the blue. She says she didn’t even know she could even act until she was cast in the Mask as lead female role. Industry folks credit her success to a natural comic timing – and timing is the domain of Mercury. Mercury gives Cameron an ability to meet the moment with signature quick-wittedness and effortless aplomb. Part of her confidence is her natural goofiness; she describes herself as a knucklehead, throwing us off the trail of competent Virgo. (Who can forget screwball Mary in Something About Mary?) She admits that while goofing around was entertaining to others as a child, it’s not as helpful in the adult world. Perhaps trickster Mercury is attempting to season her into more mature, leading lady roles. Her easygoing girl-next-door approachability and sensible, fashionable style may’ve developed during her modeling days – or maybe she’s a Virgo!


No Nonsense Dr. Phil

dr philDr. Phil: 1 September 1950

Razor sharp analytical ability and no-nonsense approach to all problems great and small makes Dr. Phil America’s most wanted mental health expert. Virgo’s fixer upper reputation and compassion for the underdog perfectly suits Dr. Phil’s occupation. Yes, Virgos make great therapists, for they love to talk, talk, talk (Mercury) and examine, fix and improve (Virgo). And as for advice, he’s got plenty of practical suggestions, a Virgo specialty. Lonely? “You’re only lonely if you’re not there for you.” Sick? “You need to listen to your body because your body is listening to you.” Overweight? “Get up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and see yourself not as someone who is overweight or out of shape, but as the someone you will become.” Virgo is the master of naming the elusive obvious in plain English – which we could all use from time to time. As one of the most self-aware signs of the Zodiac, Dr. Phil’s heightened awareness makes self-improvement available to everyone.