Paying Lip Service To New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo

The New Moon Virgo Eclipse is rapidly approaching as I write. The Sun will be adult angel wings smtemporarily obscured by the Moon early Tuesday morning, 5:45 AM PST. I’ve been at an astrology conference all weekend so forgive me for being brief, and paying lip service to a humbly powerful sign perhaps more deserving of my attention than any other. You have my word, Virgos, with Saturn having newly entered your sign, you will have your day in the Sun!

A day in the Sun for Virgo, yes exactly what y’all need right now. I’ve absorbed a few things about Virgos in the past couple of days. The bright side of Virgo: you are the selfless givers of the zodiac, we count on you to make the world a better place and you deliver. Because you’re motivated by difference between where you are now and where you want to be, you aspire toward perfection. The dark side of Virgo: you see the difference between where you are now, and where you want to be. And you can use that as a yardstick to steal your joy from the present.

We all understand what it feels like to not quite measure up. As Saturn virgo tat smhas entered Virgo, I think a bit of that’s going around. When the inner critic flares, where to start? We can apply ourselves in the immediate, maybe making practical steps toward healthier lifestyles – healthy eating and living or moving forward with any idea we’ve had for our self-betterment, and thus the worlds. Taking a serviceable attitude is appropriate, especially in service of the body/spirit.

For me, this lunation occurs in the mysterious twelfth house of collective give-aways, psychic activity and solitude among other fun territory. Here I am taking a retreat on past lives, talking to a psychic friend about developing my intuitive powers to make my astrology a little better and I just received an email from a girlfriend telling me she scheduled us for a fun session of psychic readings (my very first)! There’s truth in Virgo’s world – the practical steps toward helping others, the one foot in front of the other actions we take, no matter how simple (like starting a conversation for example) can trigger a chain of events around this powerful New Moon.

Now here’s my blanket statement for Virgo which may appear opposite of what I just said, but I think may ring true. All Virgos need to develop a little more faith in their inherent worth to the God/Goddess/Buddha they worship and a little less reliance on always having to earn it. As my teacher said, God loves us all, equally. There’s power in discrimination, yes, which Virgo has that in spades. (One of my retreat co-attendees replied, when asked during a show and tell game: what is your greatest strength? ‘I can find a flaw in anything.’ He meant it, too.) It’s a skill, and a powerful, useful one. But God doesn’t notice the flaws. God doesn’t have use for the flaws. Remember that God. Everything is perfect. Meditate on that when your mind is racing at a thousand RPM’s.

Did you see the Eclipse? Tell me about it!



  1. Sadly, no I did not. I couldn’t have, but even if I could have, I decided, after some careful consideration, to spend the time between eclipses with some quality avoidance of reality.

    m, not quite so raw

  2. your insights always make me wander into myself. welcome home from your inner / under world of dying and transforming anew. reading your last 2 posts i felt your synthesis of a soul’s perfecting journey in harmony with the recent cosmic quartet in Virgo’s abode underscoring perfection! Perhaps thinking, feeling harmony is misleading because the soul’s journey is anything but smooth; ask any self respecting Virgo. Which leads me to ponder wither the journey is toward perfection after all. Mystics thru the ages teach that human life is already perfect, beautifully echoed in your own words. So, what is it that compels me and the people in my life to work so hard to improve ourselves and our world? Is it possible that the Virgo vibration in each human psyche and in every soul’s journey is striving toward something that feels like perfection but is experienced more thru wholeness and completion within?

  3. Wow, I’m loving the questions and dialogue 🙂

    To Max, I think the elclipse wasn’t visible to us, only in South American parts. But I think ‘the careful and considerate avoidance of reality’ is a “perfectly” appropriate response with all this new energy coming into the month – Saturn’s entry into Virgo and eclipses…better to sit with it.

    To Lauren,
    The human urge to perfect…we feel divinity and separateness both…sometimes I wonder if it’s less about becoming more perfect and whole, more about minimizing suffering. Our suffering and that of those around us. Two different concepts, wholeness and perfection? As you eloquently wrote, they are the same. It occurs to me that we may be confusing the definition of the word perfect, making it human, by wrapping it around the ego. I am going to look into it’s etyology as a word (I’m a wordie)…I have a hunch that perfect is rooted in the divine.Here iit is: from per- “completely” + facere “to perform” Perfect=Completion.

  4. Hi Jessica
    Please forgive my delay in writing sooner but I have been experiencing in real living action the Virgo SE transiting my 3/9 houses urging me to IMPROVE upon my electronic communication faculties. After 7 years of intimate companionship my computer is seeking retirement tossing me into the unfamiliar world of on line auction bidding for a reliable and affordable replacement.

    I, too, am loving the questions and the dialogue, and thanking you for your generosity of spirit and intellect. thank you for taking my questions deeper into understanding.

    You’ve pricked my curiosity about your source for finding the etyology of a word. I feel Saturn in Virgo nudging me toward cleaner discipline and organization in my thought habits, can you help?

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