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Mars OOB, the Outlaw Crab

I received a lot of personal responses to the women, martial anger & crab with cigstayin’ alive post, so many I’ve decided to dive deeper into the psychology & astrology of women and anger. Here’s some background on the astrology of Mars in Cancer. Expect to see the little Crab scurrying across your screen again soon…

Mars attacks… Mars is OOB, that’s boob minus a “b” for booby trap or crab trap. Out of bounds is the astrological term for a planet that has reached a declination higher than 23′. In plain English: our martial principles, anger, self-assertion, righteous rage and all those internal set points that send steam out of our ears, are erratic and wackily out of bounds. Till April 2008. Goddess help us.

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Halloween Loves Your Alter Ego! Costumes For Every Sign Under the Sun (Libra-Pisces)

What’s so fun about Halloween? You get to dress up, and wear an aspect of your personality people may know – or not! The cool thing about the zodiac is that each sign contains universal archetypes, or ways of expressing (like Aries, the Warrior) making it really easy to tap your innate character for character inspiration. Instead of just your Sun sign, choose your Moon sign Ascendant/Rising sign. Your Rising Sign is your mask – a visible “costume” you wear every single day. Your Moon is the more hidden part of your personality, so wearing a costume for this sign feels natural to you and a little exciting, too, like inviting your alter ego out to play.

Libra: you are eternally one-half of a whole, so why not dress the part? posh n becks in laEven if you’re single (shockingly rare) you can be Juliet, looking for your Romeo etc. You’re so charming, you pick up a few new love interests while your partner’s at the punch bowl.

A famous couple: Posh & Becks, Romeo-Juliet, Mortitia -Gomez, Zeus- Hera, Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie (as assassins Mr. & Mrs. Smith), JFK-Marilyn Monroe, Supermodel, Diplomat, Judge Judy, Divorce Court Lawyer, Barbara Walters, Artists Muse, Social Butterfly, Beauty School Dropout, Sandra Dee (Olivia Newton John) – John Travolta, Angel

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Full Moon in Taurus, Rescuing the Princess & Prince

For those of us who believe, practice and wonder at real magic, the First daSelfportraitGermanyFull Moon before Halloween is a favorite time of year. The Sun is in Scorpio, hastening our understanding around the great mysteries of life – among them sex, death and change. How do the dark arts relate to these three? In a word: mystery. And how do we respond to mystery? We fear. We desire. In the case of death, we outright object, even reject. Mystery inspires awe, as it should. In the realm of Scorpio, the small “I” or the ego loses ground. There’s no avoiding darkness in life. [Read more…]

You’re Charmed & Dangerous

Scorpio Sun helps clear out negativity and resentments by transforming sexy vintage witchthe personal shadow, which pops up during these shadow-y times. And this Taurus Full Moon is a powerful, magical time for bewitchery. Here’s a Halloween Spell to help you face your shadow and reclaim your beauty. This spell works best if done alone.

Light a white candle (for cleansing & spirituality).

Burn some incense.

Put on some really hateful song, preferably one that you play when you’ve been dumped, or reminds you of a really negative time in your life.

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Love Smart: Maria Bello, Venus in Gemini

What makes Maria Bello so love smart? She has Venus in Gemini, of mbellocourse – sitting pretty with a sextile from Saturn in Aries and Moon in Leo. This literate lady is a single mother, independent and unequivocally gorgeous. She’s not your typical Cinderella. She entertains herself by reading, writing, parenting and spiritual explorations. And is perfectly content never marrying. Did you hear that girls? There’s more than one role model for happiness. Here are some excerpted quotes (real) in a (fictional) interview with Moonkissd.

MK: Venus in Gemini is notoriously literary, book smart & also has a penchant for mimicking and becoming different people. Do you identify?
MB: “I’ve always wanted to be a character in a book…like in the adventures I devoured as a kid.”

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The Astrology of Love

In the spirit of Libra Sun and understanding our better half, here’s a sweet article I came across about the sign *his* Venus occupies… The Astrology of Love by Sloan Bella, astrologer and psychic. [Read more…]