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Working Out With Mars Retrograde In the Natal Chart

Dear Moonkisssd,

I read your piece on Mars retrograde. It was very good. I was born crab with cignear a Mars station on Oct 31, 1956 @ 8:00AM. I was born in the Mars retrograde cycle and so were six members of my family – coincidence? When Mars is retro I feel best. But I do have a problem with anger which is why I work out. What do you think of all this?

Dear Retro,

So is it hard for you to be direct? Or know when to appropriately act and put your identity on the line, and when to pull back? Mars in Pisces’ anger gets stuffed, like a message in a bottle thrown out to sea.

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The Kettle Calls the Pot Black, Capricorn Distrusts Cancer

Dear Moonkissd,

I’ve been following your blog for a while now, it makes a very interesting and insightful read!

I have a question regarding my ex Capricorn boyfriend. We were together for a little less than four years and the plan was to get married, have kids, live a life together. I still cry over it when I think about it.

We split up 8 months ago, and I still find my self loving him just the same and endlessly hoping he will return to me one day. The situation was very serious, especially for a guy like him who builds all of his relationships in life on trust, and he decided to dump me. What happened is that another guy kissed me, which I wasn’t really expecting and my ex found about it.

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Venus in Libra’s Got Global Lips: Kissing Etiquette in Europe

Venus in Libra is learning the art of the kiss all over again, cuddling kissup to Mr. International, Sagittarius Sun. After all, when visiting a foreign country one must be mindful of her kissing etiquette. There is one global rule: when diving in, always go for the right cheek first.

If you’re visiting, say France, home of the French kiss – “kissing is a way of life.” Four kisses suit the French. In Italy, there are no rules to the number of kisses (or fanny slaps) one can give/receive – which can lead to unsolicited & troubling hanky panky. But in Germany, a kissy, kissy greeting? As Amy Winehouse sings, No, no, no.

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Saturn in Virgo to Gemini Full Moon: Multi-Tasking? Hm. Over It.

Who invented multi-tasking? And did they really believe multi-MultiTaskingMomtasking would increase personal effectiveness? In every single job interview as far back as I can remember, I proclaimed proudly to the interviewer, “And…I’m a great multi-tasker.” Like it was a strength. yeah, right.

Honestly, I think it was a Gemini, and the Gemini hooked up with a Capricorn for a corporate plot -a thinly disguised greedy sham to increase productivity for the Man. Sure the U.S. was vulnerable, with the longest work week and the least vacation hours in the world – and if we’re not driven to physical exhaustion, the multi-tasking will blow our minds.

Saturn in Virgo is onto you, baby.

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Sun Enters Sagittarius, Disoriented But Enthusiastic…& Up For Everything

I’m in a foreign country! It’s the fun & festive holiday season! I don’t IMG00019understand the language! I’m simultaneously disoriented and happily enthused! And I’m incredibly optimistic about the whole experience.

I figure I’m a living, breathing, walking advert for the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius, the sign known for its “adaptable enthusiasm.”

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Trapped Taurus Needs Spirit Animal Guide

Hi Moonkissd!

I was born on April 23, 1984 at 12:23 or 12:24 p.m. in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I am currently a registered nurse in San Francisco. I have moved all my life due to my father being in the military. I currently live on my own with my brother because my parents, whom I am very close to, just moved to Puerto Rico. It has been a difficult change because I now have the responsibility to provide for my brother what my parents provided for both him and I. I believe life is beautiful and I try to share that with others. I am a happy person and a free spirit. However, due to the changes within the last few months I feel almost trapped not knowing where my life is going or how long I will be in this position. As for love, I’ve had my lows within the last few years and on a recent trip met someone who gave me hope. Whether it will lead to anything, I’m not sure but I believe in love again. In any case, I just wonder what is in store for me in the future? What is my purpose in life? Any input would be appreciated and I thank you for your time.

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