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Mars: Retrograde, But Not Idle

Mars has been retrograding through Cancer, where peeling back the layers of emotional aggression inherent in certain family dramas has felt like peeling a stinky onion and resembled a soap opera. Mars in Cancer hesitates and dissects the vicissitudes of emotion first, and acts later (when Mars turns direct) which describes any inner conflict stalemate or stand-off. Despite the subtle emotional bubbling, Jupiter has entered Capricorn (Cancer’s compliment) lifting spirits with optimism and newfound appreciation and regard for mature self-restraint.

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Venus In Sagittarius: The Girl No Guy Ever Got Over

Venus sends love to Sagittarians today as she enters the sign of the free alyssa milano spirit! Our love lives need room to move, from the bedroom of Scorpio and out into the big wide, world. Well, we could make love all day – heck, it’s worked for the past month – but now we’re romanced by the call of the wild, the call to adventure. If anticipatory excitement rules our hearts (and it does) love brings all the possibility and excitement of Christmas morning. We all need to believe in the presents of love like we need to believe in Santa.

What a relief to be free of the alternating emotional upheaval and intense soul meshing of the Scorpion, thinks Sagittarius. But Venus in Sagittarius has a touch of the Scorpion.

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Poll Results: Pluto is Entering Capricorn. What will you do?

Grace Under T-Square Pressure

Hello Jessica,

I have a question about Pluto/Jupiter to MC transit. In fact, it’s a T-square with Mars:

Asc-24 Scorpio
MC-27 Virgo
Mars -28 Gemini, ruler of 5th house (I don’t have a boyfriend) and almost exactly conjuncts 8th house cusp-26 Gemini.

I am a recent college graduate and straggling with a job search. It seems like a dry spell, whatever I do – nothing brings any results. It would be OK if I were rich but I am not and slowly but surely facing a financial disaster. So, what do you think, will I hit the bottom (shelter and so on) or will I survive?

If you need to look at my chart:
13 October 1975, 11:26 AM
Leningrad, Russia

Thanks in advance for any insights,
Scorpious Libra

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Coming Home By Light of the Full Moon in Cancer

On this Full Moon in Cancer I write to you dear reader, from a plane. High in the clouds, feeling snug as a bug in a rug, the plane rather feels like a womb, with all the comforts of business class (upgraded, thanks Jupiter conjunct Sun!). With attendants at our beck and call, offering water, coffee, biscuits, a full meal and liquors of choice (I want to take the reclining chair with lumbar support home) I marvel: could this be any other than a Cancer Full Moon experience? I am warm, comfortable and completely taken care of. And of course, like any Full Moon, it depends on your perspective.

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The Week of Jupiter, Too Much Stuff!

It’s a week marked by major shifts, and they’re happening so fast I can barely get my fingers to the keyboard before another occurs. So if you’re feeling shaky, it’s more than the Christmas nog and holiday rushing around, you’re also “getting used to” the new planetary energy. When planets/nodes enter new signs and/or change direction, we need a little time to adjust. So give your self a punsch break, and read on.

Here’s the breakdown: On Monday, the nodes left Virgo/Pisces and entered Leo/Aquarius, Tuesday Jupiter entered Capricorn, Wednesday Saturn moves retrograde, Thursday Mercury enters Capricorn, Friday the Winter Solstice marks the Sun’s entry into Capricorn and Saturday – the final shebang- Jupiter meets with Sun in Capricorn for the first time in 12 years!

I’ve posted these all individually (above), or you can read them as one long letter.

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