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Mars Momentum, Mercury Retrograde And the Impersonality of Information

Mars in Gemini turns direct today after 2 1/2 months retrograding dirtbike through Cancer. The Cardinal signs breathed a sigh of relief when that pesky retrograde, OOB Mars gave them some peace to give Gemini and the Mutables a brief fling with the red guy (since 12/31/07). Can everyone rest easy, or maybe this time, will we finally be able to harness the positive momentum promised by Mars? It seems to me, riding the red planet like riding a dirt bike – the ride is exciting and circuitous. When Mars is in our sign, we move at a faster speed than our Sun sign friends, make headway in the affairs of our lives that demand courage, energy and ambition – but we do get a good bit of sand kicked in our face. And that’s just the price of the ride.

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Constructive or Destructive Criticism?…a Saturn Story

Maybe it’s my Saturn in Gemini, and Mars stirring up energy around that,wonder woman I find myself thinking about the inner critic, and the power of criticism. Where did I learn that criticism would always come before praise? Among other answers, I hear my child self say: grade school. I remember handing in most of my schoolwork, receiving it back – and all I could see was red. Those red pens still make me shudder. Teachers might think about removing those red, nasty, mean pens and start using…purple. Purple is magical and creative. Or even blue; blue is flow and change. My guess is they don’t learn color psychology in elementary trainining 101. They’re too busy learning how to make those big fat red X’s.

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A Baffled Fifth House Saturn In Need of Lustre

Dear Moonkisd,

I love this blog. It’s amazing how you explain the complexity of astrological issues with such an easy, humane approach.
Since the last 2 years I stopped making any important decisions in my life. It feels like I’ve lost trust in the inner-guidance somehow. I only do I what I have to, refusing to take any “unnecessary”challenges. I gave up doing artistic projects (I’m a musician) and lost interest (hope) in relationships. As far as I know, I have Saturn, North Node and Lilith in the 5th house. Does it leave any hope for artistic goals and successful relationships? I feel so heavily restricted in this area. I was born on the 1st of Nov. 1979 in Krakow, Poland, at 17.15.

Gratefully, Baffled

Dear Baffled,

Why thank you (blush)! Scorpio, you live to create that magnificent work of art that makes life worth living, and denying yourself that pleasure makes my heart twinge. Oh, and intimacy, can you spell SCORPIO? You will find it, but first you’ve got to rescue yourself from the despondency that’s taken the oomph out of your oomp-ah!

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Mercury Rx in Aquarius Asks About Astrology & Destiny

Dear Moonkissd,

I am doing research on a topic of astrology attempting to link it to possible destiny of each human being. The question is: What would you say is the reason people should look to their zodiac signs or other methods of astrology as a guide for their life to eventually shape their destiny?

Thank you, Nikki

Dear Nikki,

First one little semantic about your question: I don’t believe anyone “should” look to astrology unless their heart and mind are opened by it, and they’re guided internally to use it. As with any form of divination, if it’s useful and helpful, astrology can be a wonderful tool for self-awareness, cultivating understanding in relationships, and understanding the cycles of our lives.

Hmm, what of destiny? I can only answer your question from my perspective. In my experience, our destiny is always changing and is continually altered and alterable by the choices we make.

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Pluto Enters Capricorn, It’s About Time

Pluto has officially entered Capricorn, sound the alarms! The planet of power and collective transformation has entered the sign of the ultimate authority, the Earth and her resources. And this is happening for the first time in your lifetime! How incredible. It kind of makes you feel (honored, excited, scared insert your word here) to be alive.

It was about 7:30 PM on Friday night when our town alarm sounded off, san anselmo floodheralding Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, almost to the minute. I love listening to the world signals around huge shifts, and this world alarm clock sang: uh-huh, it’s time.

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Michael Lutin: On Pluto entering Capricorn for the U.S.

Pluto enters Capricorn. Oh, what does it mean, what does it mean? Like michael lutinno other, this planet issues the missive: transform and heal. The only way is up – or rather, down. It can feel like a slow descent into the deepest parts of oneself, into a personal hell where we’re asked to give up everything we knew was true for something more eternal.

When you come out of a Pluto transit, you are changed forever. In another state. But during the process you don’t realize what’s happening. Life can get pretty dark. With Pluto, you can’t look ahead. You can’t be impatient. Most of all, you shouldn’t be afraid, because in the end there is nothing to fear. You just have to surrender to the mysterious process of complete and total transformation.

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