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Virgo Eclipse Redux, Complain Away

I confess. With Mars retrograding then stationing around my Saturn for that hellish-ly long period, then the Virgo-fabulous eclipse, I’ve tried to stay as low under the radar as possible in the blogosphere.

And that was the exact prescription I gave my sister when she called last week, saying her company (not to name names but they have the word Star in it) was laying off folks. She was only one of several people I know experiencing big time shakedown in the lay-off department. Fittingly, Saturn (the sickle) in the sign of Virgo, the sign of harvest and golden, abundant wheat, cutting losses has become a theme in the lives of those around me – and this no holds barred theme on big time cutbacks (for prurient Virgoan purpose of efficiency and productivity) affects both the one laid off, and the morale of those left behind (and it didn’t help that said “Star” company announced new promotions on the same day they announced lay-offs).

Worth mentioning that while the Eclipse was a week ago, eclipse energy reverberates.

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Ellen Page is a Pisces

ellen page

Ellen Page (2/21/87), everyone’s darling, is a Pisces.

And like many other young Piscean celebrities, she refuses to act her age – because she has wisdom way beyond her biological years. It’s a gift of the Fishes. Who can forget Ellen as waif turned disturbingly wrath in Hard Candy? Her tween-y character turned the tables on a man who used the internet to lure teenage girls into his nightmarish domain – boy, did he pick the wrong chick to mess with. And in Juno, her young elfin beauty once again paradoxically highlighted this sagacity.

It’s said that if you look deeply into the eyes of a newborn baby, you can tell if they are an “old soul” or “new soul”. Pisces people just aren’t smart – they’re old soul smart. It’s a subtle knowing, a thought transmission “yes, I’ve seen it all before.” Look into the eyes of a Pisces, young or old, and you can sense their agelessness.

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He Said/She Said: Aquarius Male Wants to Stop Having Affairs

Jeffery of Seduction CentralJessica of Moonkissd.comIntroducing a new bi-monthly astrology love advice column! He Said,She Said features a love advice question answered by professional astrologers Jessica Shepherd of Moonkissd and Jeffrey Kishner of Seduction Central . After they each provide their perspective, they combine their insight to offer advice they both can agree on.


Here’s this week’s Reader Question:

I guess I’ll just dive in. Two broken marriages, my fault. The first lasted 16 years, the second 10. No fighting, no yelling, the first to a passionless Libra, high school sweetheart. The second to a Leo full of physical passion and deep connection–a lot more fiery. But both were very peaceful, even happy marriages until: Flirtations that became affairs…I was friendly, and then didn’t know how to say, “No, I don’t want to do this.”

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Venus in Aquarius, Where’s The “We” In Us?

I’m so in love with my husband. We must say “I love you” like fifty times a 03 cups firemaiden day – genuinely. I know, cheesy, cute, romantic or “uh, huh still in your honeymoon period are you?” says you. No, I believe we’re different. The cup is not empty or even half-empty – but full all the time. And this NYTimes article When There is No We in Marriage made me realize just how different we are in what we come to expect (or ask) of love. And since Venus has just entered Aquarius (February 17- March 11), freedom v. closeness is the topic du jour.

To me, it’s a sad portrait. More than sad, it’s disturbing, because it lives under the guise of hip, cool, bohemian – and socially acceptable – the norm. It’s a story about two cool Manhattan people doing their thing (it’s a paradigm, agreed?) – who once decided work is equally or more important than their marriage; that it’s okay to communicate Blackberry to Blackberry; and who must know their kids will follow their workaholics examples, and be as clueless about how to nurture their marriage, too. So if you’re wondering like me, where does the “I and thou” overlap? Where does the “we” go? Sometimes it goes on a honeymoon. In this case, alone.

After their wedding, the two often and happily went their separate ways. In fact, they even started married life separately. She began their honeymoon alone (he couldn’t find his passport), checking into their suite in Venice and thoroughly enjoying herself without him.

“I learned, ‘O.K., you like Italy more than you like me – good to know.”

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Mercury in Aquarius, Gratitude Loosens Thought Paradigms

We were walking the dog, my sister and I -and sat down on a two sisters bench in the upper crust part of SF, Noe Valley. Settling into our patch of sun, a fashionably self-conscious twenty-something walked by. Followed by another…and another.

Overheard: “So I had to cancel my Pilates appointment this morning, and move my manicure…I was just too hung over…”

My sister says, “Ugh. Sometimes they make me sick.” They being the young urban modicums of hip and cool.

“This place looks like Melrose,” I snort.

“The thing is,” she says, “I live here. But I’m so much happier not living my life from that place.”

“You mean the place where one card falls and the whole house comes tumbling down?”


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Career Advice for Scorpio With a Broken Compass

Dear Moonkissd,

I have been struggling in trying to figure out what direction to take in regards to career. After racking up debts taking gen. ed. and other classes in hopes of coming to the “aha” moment, I’m afraid I haven’t come any closer to answering this question. What I have found is that: I find the thought of an uninspiring 9-5 job dreadful, but I crave financial stability. (Well, financial abundance would be preferable, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, eh?) The idea of racking up more debt returning to school does not thrill me as I have spent the last few years paying off debt and still have a way to go. Do you see anything in my chart as far as any talents or areas of luck I may have in finding my niche? I may not be financially ready to attend school yet but if there is anything in my chart giving clues as to what I should be good at doing that would bring prosperity I would be thrilled!

Broken Compass

Time: 1:39 PM (PDT); Date: 10/30/1971; Place: Mountain View, CA. (Chart below)

Dear Broken Compass,

I’m feeling prolific today, and in the mood to dispense bullet point advice. I think it was something about the freedom of writing this way, combined with your stimulating question. Oh, and two shots of espresso. So if I come off a little bossy, my apologies. I am, under the influence. And it’s my website.

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