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Husbands by Moon Sign

So How Do Husbands Stack Up in the Kitchen? An Expose’ by Moon sign. Part 3 of a series.

Aries Moon Husbands: Natural knivesmen. They probably enjoy the knives and cool kitchen utensils more than cooking. Excellent little choppers, too; give them a plate of vegetables for soup stock and they go to town. Make great sous chefs. Their feelings do get hurt if you threaten replacement by food processor, so be forerwarned. Don’t forget to make them feel like they’re the ones who really made the meal – they like the power. [Read more…]

Come to a Monthly Moon Gab!

Ever wanted an astrologer in your pocket to help navigate your cash flow, assist your next promotion or plumb your psychological state but do not want to shell out the big bucks to learn? It is your lucky day!

Introducing, a monthly Moon gathering designed just for you. Every month Marin astrologers Jessica Shepherd and Fern Feto Spring play weather girls to the heavens, exploring how moon cycles and star patterns play out in YOUR LIFE. This is a rare opportunity to understand how astrology influences awareness and energy on a personal and collective level in a group environment – with not one, but two professional astrologers. Click here for more.

He Said, She Said: Scorpio Woman Wonders if Gemini Man is For Real

He Said, She Said features one reader’s love question answered by professional astrologers Jessica Shepherd of Moonkissd and Jeffrey Kishner of Seduction Central . After they each provide their perspective, they combine their insight to offer advice they both can agree on.


Here’s this week’s Reader Question:

We have known each other for four months as business and friends, and he has been very supportive to me. He wants me to be his wife for life. We have not consummated our relationship physically but he swears what that I am the one!My concern is I just found out he was married three times. Is he for real? His last girlfriend was a ten year relationship and he was alone for the last two years? I take relationships seriously and have never been married. I am an attractive, sexy, successful woman who has had offers but I have been leery. This seems real??? My heart says one thing and my head says another. [Read more…]

Husbands and Kitchens: Part 2

So back to my Carrie Bradshaw moment: husbands and kitchens, is it an uneasy compromise?

No. Yes. Okay, sometimes. Seeing as how the Moon sign describes nurture from the beginning, might our beloved men have experienced a little more independence surrounding food, more coddling and feeding from mom, and a smidgen less of her instructive coaching in the kitchen? This discussion is wide open. I’m of the generation (Pluto and Uranus in Libra) where gender roles volcanically erupted and broke down into something more equitable. Still, unlike my stepdaughters, or even my 5 years- younger sister, home economics was required class material. He took wood shop. Surely that counts for something, primarily me, doing laundry, and he, joinery (huh?). And we women, blame it on breast cancer, preservatives, or taking care of our children, do often end up at the fore of wellness movements. I mean, gawd, I know there are men who have to worry about incestuous food-related illnesses that prevent us from enjoying a simple piece of fruit without freaking out about candida albicans but the ratio is something ridiculous like 1 man: 1000 woman. [Read more…]

Husbands and Kitchens: Part 1

The New Moon in Aries fell on my natal Moon in Aries to the exact degree. It was on the house cusp of husbands (did you even know that existed?). I hesitated blogging about this New Moon beforehand because I felt very much in the dark as to how this would play out, as New Moons have been known to do. And wow, of all the things I’d love to tell you I’m obligated to protect the innocent (or the guilty). So… thinking about what to write, and filtering through all the Aries New Moon news stories this weekend like “After War, Love Can Be a Battlefield” and various stress related emergency stories, including one apropos story about bloggers who are dying, yes dying, from the competition to stay current (astrologers be forewarned) I kept coming back to one conversation I had last week. It was a simple conversation. And so gosh darn tired of taking everything soooo seriously – an Aries seasonal hazard- this one made me smile. It was about husbands and kitchens. [Read more…]

Oprah and Eckhart, Aquarius Dream Team

I’ve been downloading the podcast of the New Earth for 4 weeks now and am burning to talk about it astrologically. gaia consciousnessPerhaps it’s the Piscean energies circulating this month, and ruling planet Neptune in Aquarius in the air raising astral-consciousness to all-time highs. It seems Neptune’s transit over Oprah’s Mercury in Aquarius has radically opened her consciousness, and the beauty of the Oprah media empire is we’re finally able to ride this new wave of consciousness – together. Goddess bless her for bringing mystic Eckhart Tolle to the masses, via webcast for his timely book, The New Earth. And it’s a fitting title broadcasting Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, which I gleefully told a client the other day after talking about The New Earth, must surely mean: “the death of the ego.” Hurrah!

Hmm, Oprah falls into the unique category reserved for Aquarians, what do we call her? She’s not a teacher, a philanthropist, a wise one – she is a visionary. Eckhart is a visionary Aquarian, too! Here’s the thing about these two: [Read more…]