Come to a Monthly Moon Gab!

Ever wanted an astrologer in your pocket to help navigate your cash flow, assist your next promotion or plumb your psychological state but do not want to shell out the big bucks to learn? It is your lucky day!

Introducing, a monthly Moon gathering designed just for you. Every month Marin astrologers Jessica Shepherd and Fern Feto Spring play weather girls to the heavens, exploring how moon cycles and star patterns play out in YOUR LIFE. This is a rare opportunity to understand how astrology influences awareness and energy on a personal and collective level in a group environment – with not one, but two professional astrologers. Click here for more.


  1. Come to a monthly moon Gab!

    A monthly moon Gab looks good. I have always thought of an astrologer as a good happening and spiritually uplifting. It is nice to see good words about an astrologer and examples of what can happen.
    The picture looks good.
    I like the wording in the message. It is intriguing to read the description of the monthly moon gab.
    Astrology is energetic. It is exciting to the senses. To know about myself in astrological terms is appealing to my senses. It makes me aware to know of myself in those terms.
    In a group and with two astrologers is a collective happening. That is different than looking at one or a one to one happenstance.
    The format looks good. I like to know general information.
    It is good that it is for everyone. New insights are something to look forward to in a day.

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