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And Time Stood Still. Retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

They may say time stops for no one, but right now that’s only partially true. Almost half the planets in your sky are now officially retrograde. Mercury moves retrograde in Gemini, May 26-June 19 and if you don’t know what that means, you just haven’t been paying attention. (For those born yesterday & even if you’re not, Virgo Fern Feto Spring, an expert on such matters offers Survive & Thrive Guide to Mercury Rx ). But that’s not all, folks: Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto are alas, retrograde. Good times. “But,” as one of my clients exasperated over retro affecting a pending decision, “life doesn’t stop. I have to keep moving forward!” To this I reply: retrograde is a very good thing. Retrograde motion characterizes the inward-moving, yin cycle of any planet. We can apply the breathing room, information gathering and reflection time toward the principles any planet represents. This is an especially useful time for building sanity & repose around the larger movements of life. [Read more…]

Note to Kylie Minogue: Horary Astrology Helped Me Find My Hot Pants

I lost my hot pants, along with several other items over the past month.  I’m no airhead, really – I don’t lose things. So I took it as a sign. That maybe…maybe I should take full advantage of the divination spectrum that my craft, astrology, offers, by asking the stars for a little wassup? It’s been necessary. First, my cell phone charger -and then- my hot pants, both equally vital to my existence: mainly a girl needs to communicate, and a girl needs to dance. The good news is I recovered both. In fact, batting 3 for 3, horary astrology has saved my rump and my pocketbook every time – literally. [Read more…]

The Full Moon in Scorpio & Green Porn

The nature-loving Taurus Sun season is simply lucious. Mother Nature is a big show off, like she’s pulled off some major collaboration of elemental proportions,symphonically playing her salt o’ the earth orchestra of light, color, and fecundity, beautifully without a hitch. She makes this natural abundance look so simple, so easy. So wholesome, so innocent. So…tooling around the internet one day my husband and I discovered “green porn,” a set of short films starring the lovely Isabella Rosellini. We could not contain our joy at this find! A ringside seat into the sex lives of insects – you’ve got to see it – it’s an irresistible watch. It’s like national geographic meets, david lynch, meets playboy, or in this case the Mr./Mrs. Earthworm Taurus does the 69 with Mr./Mrs. Earthworm Scorpio (watch & learn: you’ll get my drift). There we sat, curiosity rapt, relishing the rare look into the secret sex lives of bugs. [Read more…]

Horoscopes for Moms on Mother’s Day

As a special Mother’s day treat for you, here’s a May horoscope for Moms written by moi!

During the Sun’s yearly passage through Taurus we recognize the valuable people and things that inspire well-being. Of course this is serendipitously tied to Mother’s Day – proving there are no coincidences.

Aries: Quality of life is such an adult concept, and quickly becoming an appreciable reality for you. Yet you retain your edge. Ruling planet Mars plays in your house of fun beginning May 9 and your inner child recovers her moxie to play with abandon.

Taurus: You’ve just been elected Queen for the first three weeks of the month. As long as Venus crosses your path, you are officially relieved of trash duty. The others will get their turn eventually. Right now, it’s all about you.

Gemini: Have you ever had the sensation that while one part of you is busy yapping, another part of you is conked out on the sofa? To the casual observer you appear engaged, but you’re recharging. Don’t resist rest. So when Mercury retrogrades on May 20, you’re amply juiced. [Read more…]

I Want More & Then Some: The Taurus New Moon

The cat’s onto me. Skippy senses when I have a spare minute during the day, when I’m mulling over a thought between paragraphs, and jumps onto my chair for any scrap of lovin’ laying around. Within all the roles my self inhabits, there’s something for everyone, a nugget of attention here, an inquiry into well-being there, diet advice, astrological observations on the day. I do enjoy giving, or do I? Lately I’ve been wondering how to squeeze more satisfaction out of the simple exchanges in life, especially when it feels like there’s less around me. With the economy talk I do wonder if we’re being tricked into thinking we’re being squeezed into “less” on some level. Yet what of the more? More essential than these basic resources, like gold which clearly isn’t appreciating, what will appreciate over time are the qualities of attention, presence, and acceptance I bring into this moment. No squeeze there. [Read more…]