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Obama, McCain & The Times Ahead: Bay Area Astrologers Speak Out

Are the Sixties about to repeat? Who will win the presidency? Does Barack’s hopeful message match the challenging times ahead? A panel of six Bay Area astrologers converged last Saturday evening to discuss, dissect, and divulge the next four years of cosmic activity affecting our nation. The meeting was arranged by the San Francisco group, the Bay Area Young Astrologers, where young-ish professional astrologers convene to share their knowledge and hear their voice.

People Actually Use This Stuff?

The panel answered some general questions about astrology. It turns out that horoscope readers actually make life decisions from those ‘scopes.

“The general public will base life decisions on their horoscope,” said KT Fox, local celebrity and headliner for the event, who got on her soapbox about the importance of getting credentialed through accredited astrology institutions. “I always feel responsible for the information I’m putting out there. It’s amazing how many people in the world will use astrology of their daily horoscope to help them make decisions in their lives so that’s why I think it’s important we put out credible, accurate information.” [Read more…]

Guidance for the Times Ahead: Bay Area Astrology Event June 7, 2008

We all could use a co-pilot, for these crazy times. Maybe you’re guilty of “google-ing” astrology and coming up with a smattering of predictions that kind of make sense. Oh, but what if you could gather all your questions and answers about, say anything from what the Age of Aquarius portends, to the chart of the next president of the United States – and posit them to a panel of professional astrologers? Finally!

KT the Astrologer, (formerly known as Kelli Fox & founder of a ‘lil website called joins the founders of the Bay Area Young Astrologers, Bill Street, Rebecca Crane, Jessica Shepherd & Alex Villamil, with special guest Paul Bogle for an evening of astrological inquiry and mirth-making. Join them as they discuss upcoming elections, major planetary shifts and answer your questions. [Read more…]