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Ask Moonkissd: Curious about Mercury

I’m curious what you think about Mercury retrograde (Sep 24-Oct 15, 2008) especially regarding the U.S. financial rescue attempt?

Dear Curious,

There are a lot of folks who put alot of worry energy into Mercury retrograde unneccessarily. I’ve gotten tons of finishing up work accomplished during retrograde, given new talks, and even travelled, too. All Mercury activities! However, knowing a retrograde period is in action has influenced my choice of projects, and undertakings – but mostly my attitude towards them- which is remain flexible as “anything could happen”. Retrograde periods are unpredictable, sometimes they really influence us, and other times not so much. For example, buying electronics might be a no-no during retrograde, but the DVD player we replaced during last Mercury in Gemini retrograde has had no problems. Should you? Well, that may depend on how high your stakes are. The player was inexpensive, and had a warranty so this purchase came with parachutes. Parachutes are a good thing during this time. [Read more…]

This Fall Equinox is Gifted

In Vienna, the summer patio chairs have been removed from the sidewalks; the air has officially chilled. Wool jackets are donned, boots click-clack down the cobblestone streets, and candle lanterns have begun to light up wine stalls and storefronts. Horse and buggies line up next to the palaces, looking as 21st century fresh today as a Dickens novel. Compare this to my friend Erin’s journey through India, who mentions Mumbai by contrast to elegant Vienna “Mumbai is dirty, smelly, and crazy ;-), and I still love it…” Today the Sun makes it’s annual journey through Libra, and in this pleasant Libra city one can really feel the seasons change, a bustling sociable energy beginning to move indoors and make merry! Libra Sun time is the season to join forces, to team up and celebrate each other’s gifts- because we work better in tandem, than solo right now. Find a person’s praises whom you want to sing, and sing them! That’s why I’m sending out a virtual advertisement for some of my favorite artists. [Read more…]

Pisces Full Moon: The New Bohemia

Yesterday morning we made a trip to Melk to see an 89 years young grandfather of one of our dear friends here in Vienna. We loaded up in the car and journeyed through the Austrian countryside, classically picturesque. We rolled over the Danube and into the Wachau region, the place where the Venus of Wilendorf dated 24 000 BC, was found. This countryside has been (amazingly!) occupied by people ever since. It is clear that timeless history folds into the daily lives of the Austrians. We arrive at the grandfather’s house which reminds me of a gingerbread cottage with icing lattice. With a twinkle in his eye, he greets us hello in German “Guten Morgan, Servus…” welcome! and invites us in for a glass of champagne! Ah, a bon vivant, who although lost his wife a few years ago, has not lost the spark of life. One of the first things he tells us, with the help of his translators, is he was once imprisoned by Americans in WWII while stationed in Norway! Bah! To our relief he politely reassures us (and several times throughout the day) that he is quite fine with this, which is obvious by the number of gifts he gives us (he is a Libran). As we are told stories, of the Norwegian women who brought the POW’s desserts, who also reassured the prisoners that they were good girls, as they had no fish blood (I think this is a reference to a cold-blooded Norwegian goddess) – the Moon is waxing Full in Pisces. The one english word I do catch is “the cage”, which he uses for prison. Wow. Life is one wild and crazy rollercoaster ride, rich in beauty and sorrow, isn’t it? How it can feel like a crapshoot sometimes – a game of pure chance. For example, all three brothers in his family were drafted into war, and all three returned, fine. How? Why? Huh? By a stroke of luck? [Read more…]

Flowing with Van Gogh

I went to see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Albertina Museum. The tour was non-English, and only in deutsche, which was harvestunusual  for a European city. My Egyptian friend was outraged by this, and vowed to write the museum director. I did think she was overreacting a little although admitted I too thought it would diminish the experience. Instead it surprisingly enriched it. Lacking anything to read or manipulate my attention, this mad hatter mind and it’s addiction to constant word input shut down. And a new form of intelligence surfaced as – observation. Very Piscean. What surprised me most was how better I understood Van Gogh than I had ever before. On a gut level, I just knew the guy. I understood his struggle to truly find himself. [Read more…]

Elementally Balanced

I’m taking a conversational spin on the blog. This weekend, my husband got his Virgo on and pulled me into it. Elbow deep in soil working on the yard, away from the computer sigh… it felt good to be in the sunshine and the dirt. And I’ve never felt so clean. There’s something about getting dirty with the earth that feels incredibly cleansing. In nature, dirt is dirt – alive and plenty holy. The use of the word “dirty,” with baggage of nastiness and perversion is definitely a human concept. It’s a paradox I know Virgo well understands. The sensual Mae West, Virgo extraordinaire, offered her bodacious bod and sharp wit to the masses, subjecting herself to the judgments and ridicule this Sun sign seems to face, no matter what field they’re in (sorry Rachel Ray!). Dismantling criticism and taking it in stride is part of the perfecting process.

Back to balance. With Mars, Mercury and Venus in Libra it’s a worthy pursuit. In gardening I did what Steven Arroyo speaks of, feeding the elements, supercharging my missing element, which for me is, you guessed it, earth. Okay, I do have the North Node in Capricorn, which isn’t technically a planet, just an invisible point suggesting our True North, or what my teacher calls “a really good idea.” (my husband, a masterful man of the earth and Capricorn rising, chortles when he hears this about his wife). [Read more…]