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New Moon in Sagittarius: The Mixed Blessings of Getting Real

This month’s New Moon falls on Thanksgiving and, whoa, if you’ve looked at the upcoming astrology you’ll notice a smattering of offerings on the Turkey Day menu! Within hours of the Sagittarius New Moon, Pluto finally leaves a 13 year stint Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn, while Uranus in Pisces resumes direct, or forward, motion. Guess who’s coming to dinner this year? Hint: there could be a few unexpected surprises.

The Sagittarius New Moon seeds a cycle of hope, a regeneration of faith, and spiritual buoyancy sorely needed for these transformative times. To see the epic shift taking place this week, all we have to do is turn on the t.v., radio, or tune into our own lives, to bear witness to the changes happening in sync with collective shrift of proportional magnitude. Pluto’s last hurrah in the final, final degree of Sagittarius, ends over a decade of the infamous “buy now, pay later” mentality for the collective, which in one Plutonian form or another has possessed or obsessed “U.S.”. [Read more…]

The Proposal & Love Advice for the World Weary

I’ve been burning brain calories over at the Venus & Beyond blog, and romantic France, once again has made a reappearance in both blogs (she’s proving to be a fabulous literary mistress). I couldn’t resist sharing the dish with you. Here’s a peek…

The Proposal…

Then I saw the dress in real life, tres magnifique! On the single day I was in Paris, we had stopped at a pub for a coffee. paris red dressAvoiding yet another cup of nasty Nescafe, I left John in the pub with his mistress (his laptop) and feeling a Carrie Bradshaw-esque adventure coming on, I ventured onto the streets armed with my camera. Immediately across from the street was a chic boutique, where hanging in the window was this buttery delicious red dress. I looked up. Aaaah … She was no ordinary dress. She (yes, she’s a dame) was wearing an elaborate necklace of guazy red ribbon (emphasizing the communication chakra and voice). Reminding me of a Moulin Rouge chanteuse, and also of myself, I caught my reflection in the window, superimposed against this gorgeous omen of a dress and a provocative thought dangerously flitted through my mind: no one I know would dare wear it, but I could pull it off.

And from Love Advice for the World Weary

As I watch myself, and the people around, me move in see-saw fashion from self-repressive and inhibited, to consumed by self-doubt that things will get better (Saturn), to radical moments of invention, to self-reinvention and even hope (Uranus), I’m taking this personally. My friends are taking this personally, too. The only clear thing we all share is a clear lack of certainty. Disconnect is a sign that Saturn-Uranus is nearby. After all, ask yourself what’s been missing all along in this world of war and men (aside from a good woman)? Connection. Empathy. Feeling. Relatedness. Being connected to, and in relationship with, the world.

Full Moon in Taurus Brings Scorpio Love Lessons

This week my Taurus full Moon illumination is running on the Venus & Beyond blog over at As I played with what to write and where, my Saturn in Gemini tried to write two, but this time it came out as one (maddeningly, usually it’s the other way around!). Keep checking both- you will always find me at one, or the other. Thanks Moonkissd readers!

Here’s an excerpt from Full Moon in Taurus Brings Scorpio Love Lessons:

Through our relationship, I’ve learned that Taurus Moon doesn’t care a wit about muddling through the complexity of my feelings — or his. That’s Scorpio. Hug therapy, sexual therapy, cuddle therapy are Taurus. Always, those easy, plodding and simple activities of Taurus restore sanity to ‘crisis mode’ Scorpio. Maybe one of the most nurturing/difficult relationship saving techniques one can do in a Scorpio exchange is to remember that a) you have a body, and you’re in it b) the plants need watering and c) it’s almost dinner time. Click here for more.

Introducing, Venus & Beyond – My New Love Blog (& More)

To foister your spirits during these alternately darkening/hopeful times, I bear cafeteria-style love and greetings, from the Venus room at Versaillesplanet Venus. I’m now writing a new blog on called, Venus & Beyond: Love on the Outer Planets. There you can find my ramblings, tips, insights and magical suggestions for all things love-ly. Feel free to send me love questions, and subscribe to the feed so you can receive the posts as they go live. I’ll send you moonkisses!

Also my friend, Jeffrey Kishner, formerly the mastermind of Seduction Central (and who has so generously turned his astrology savvy readers onto Moonkissd) has now launched a social network-astrology, celebrity and love blog all wrapped up in one. It’s called sasstrology, and it’s absolutely fabulous. [Read more…]

Recession Proof Your Love Life

This whole recession business brings up an obvious conundrum for the single gal or guy looking for love. The dollar is deflated balloon heartbuying less on the market, and as uncertainty starts to drive our spending habits, on the Love market uncertainty and fear are *the kiss of death. They go against the laws of Venus (who wrote every law of attraction ever written) and really put a cramp in Lady Love’s free flowing style. Venus does however speak the language of strategy. And thriving during recession is all about strategy! Are we making wise emotional investments? Can we safeguard our heart and stay open to love? Are we still in debtors prison? We don’t have to be conservative or miserly with our love to wisen up. Here’s one woman’s strategy for recession proofing your love life. [Read more…]