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New Moon in Capricorn: 2009 :The Year of Keeping Your Cool

Capricorn has his eye on the prize. In fact, I haven’t known any Capricorn who hasn’t had their eye on some kind of prize. A book deal. A tenure. A hot tub. A new car. Which begs the question: now that the Eliminator, Pluto has come to town, paring down our visions of sugar plums dancing, into something else…what is that something else? Some of us have long-held dreams which may need to be transformed for the times; others may already be riding, or gilding, the wave of what’s coming next. Where are you in relation to your goals of achieving what’s next? Because asking that question is what this time of year, and this Capricorn New Moon, is all about. [Read more…]

Full Moon in Gemini: The Challenges of New Adaptation

I’ve never heard so much fuss about a lunation. For months, us astrologers have had this Full Moon in Gemini earmarked on our calendars as one of the most anticipated events coming to light in awhile. Why? The Full Moon (the Sun opposing the Moon) squares the Saturn-Uranus opposition in a mutable grand cross formation. Since it helps to break things down (a) Mars joins the Sun while squaring Uranus and Saturn (b) and the Sun is squared of course by Saturn and Uranus (c). There’s infinite more, but that’s the gist of it. But what does that mean? The potential for stress is immense, culminating this fall’s Saturn-Uranus shake-up in one lunar swoop. Added, mutable energy in a grand cross is like trying to get a group of chatterboxes who are doing their own thing to converge on one topic. They may all be talking about change, flexibility and adaptation but each go about it differently. If you don’t feel like the Universe is asking you to be a stretchy bendable Gumby already, you’re one of the fortunate few. The rest of us are twisted up in awkward yogic postures. [Read more…]