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New Moon in Pisces: Notes From the Fishbowl

I never had the aspiration to be an actress. I was once given the part of handmaiden (with no lines) in a Sheherazade play in highschool which I boffed by giggling nervously on opening night. However, recently I played astrodrama with my astro-friends and found myself cracking everyone up with Saturday Night Fever dance moves.  I played North Node in Leo, grabbing a red blanket and squishing it close to my heart and then Chiron, picking the wounds off my magic wand, I felt as though a new talent might be coming through. This wasn’t possible by the previous limits of my conscious personality but when I surrendered to the moment and became guided by it, it led me somewhere new and magical. I became bemused and be-wonderful.

Am I destined to be on camera? I don’t know about that. My facial expressions are more Ally McBeal or Audrey Hepburn (in Funny Girl) than cool and composed. Awkwardly charming? I’ll give you that. [Read more…]