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New Moon In Aries: Red Is The Color Of The Heart

As a Cancer Sun sign holding a tight t-square between Mars & Pluto, I have my fair share of battle wounds. I don’t really know why I’m the first to get honked at on the road (Mars in Aries. I am speedy but I also know how to use my instrument). Or why I had more ‘life/death’ experiences under my belt by age twenty-one than anyone else I knew. As Aries rules my seventh house of relationship, for the large part of my single life I also attracted immature, narcissistic, maybe even self-destructive men. Most weren’t aware how their unconscious stuff caused problems (but I sure was). Yes, we each have our own special relationship to the fiery red planet.

My Mars is in the humbling Sixth House and locked in combat with bad-ass Pluto from the Twelfth House. [Read more…]

Ask Moonkissd: Is Aries In It For the Long Haul?

Hi Jessica,

I was born on the 31st of March, 1970, in Canberra, Australia at 1.27am. My boyfriend was born on the 5th of April, 1970, Brisbane, Australia, time unknown. Over the last couple of weeks, our communication and his affection has been different. Today he tells me that he doesn’t know what he wants in all aspects of his life, and doesn’t know what he wants in regards to me. He says his feelings have changed towards me, he just doesn’t feel the same, and doesn’t at the moment see our relationship as long term. [Read more…]

Full Moon in Virgo – The Myth of Mondays

It’s Monday morning. I awaken early in Calistoga, Ca at crack o’ thanks to a cabin mate who has elected herself camp rooster. I awaken reluctantly after a night spent on a hard mattress but definitely in LOVE…(that’s the name of the cabin I stay in). And I also awaken very excited for day three of sitting at the feet of master evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed that was unusual about this particular retreat – other than the usual colorful but eclectic cast of psychics, intuitives, healers, housewives and men (for a ‘feminine’ astrology retreat, there’s a record number of ’em) – is the sheer number of attendees. This retreat wasn’t an exorbitant cost,  but it was a pretty penny for average folks. We’re not the elite; we’re a modest bunch, and this is a recession right? Hmmm, spending money on an astrology retreat are you? Oh, yeah, this definitely runs contrary to recessionary logic, in which only those basic needful things should be purchased (the rest stashed for safe keeping). But recessionary logic isn’t evolutionary logic. Recessionary logic grumpily puts off the soul for later – after dinner is served and the kids’ college paid. We’re familiar with this logic, because it dominates many of us. [Read more…]