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New Moon Taurus: The Best Things in Life Are (Almost) Free

I used to date a musician, and as all music lovers, he loved music. Me, I was painting and making art and loved that, and we – well, we both appreciated one another’s creative pleasures, those being the foundation of our otherwise elusive connection.

I remember waxing philosophical (more than once) to him, but this time in the context of creative gifts and money – surely a Taurus theme. In a rush of inspired optimism about our shared passions I exclaimed: ‘The best things in life really are free! Take for example, making art. We can create beauty to our heart’s content and it costs nothing! To this, he replied in his typically (Venus in Scorpio) wry way: ‘Who are you kidding? I need to buy a bass to be able to play it – then there’s the amps, recording equipment and studio time. Being a musician is expensive, and I’m sure painting is, too!’

Point taken. I had been speaking from the perspective of my 2nd house Neptune who, faithful to the symbol, wholeheartedly believes: inspiration is free, creativity is innate, and imagination costs nothing. Artistry is a dialogue with the muses, and the ability to do that in any shape or form, through music, art, writing, interior design, or cooking…is priceless, as the AMEX commercial says. [Read more…]

Full Moon in Libra: The Cardinal Rules

As the official sign of ME, Aries season insists that each (wo)man is an island, and that’s not altogether wrong. Yet, in many spiritual communities at least, ego has become a dirty word. The fact is, we need our ego. Without an ego, we wouldn’t have a Sun to orbit, all definition-less and wandering. Implicit on this ego’s journey, we need to identify what it is we want, when we feel trespassed, and what activities and interests and passions make us feel totally alive. Then we need to communicate and live this. Because without a healthy sense of person-hood, what service would we be to others? And would we ever really be happy or fulfilled? We simply can’t be our self without a self that knows a bit about him or her self, too.

Libra’s planet, Venus is in Aries, is retrograde and she’s all up in our face. Aries is the sign of self-hood, so the heart lessons happening now involve the core self. Libra makes peace with others, keeping things smooth and sublime. Not so fast, says Venus in Aries, First, how well do you know your heart? ‘Cause in case you haven’t noticed, the planet of peace love and happiness is under duress – not all is perpetually good and groovy in Libra land. [Read more…]