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You Can Choose Your Clan: New Moon in Cancer

the nurturing feminine

The house does not rest upon the ground, but upon a woman”- Mexican Proverb

We were sitting around a table at my sister’s house, four women, different ages all, but natives of a place called Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had made pancakes at my sister’s birthday request, and in between pancakes and pedicure appointments, the conversation returned to the subject of home. Mention the ‘land of enchantment’ and most folks grow imaginatively enchanted, with thoughts of charming sand-baked adobe huts, picturesque turquoise doorways with sleepy cats, sun bleached bone against endless blue sky, mountains named after watermelons (the Sandias), hippy & artist enclaves. It’s basically a cultural, spiritual mecca welcoming seekers who seek to root in a charming hacienda and pay a small fortune for the privelege. For many, life in New Mexico typifies the mythos of a Georgia O’Keefe painting – empty and feminine, dramatically spiritual, romantic, lush. This makes sense; Santa Fe is a Cancer Sun Sign city and for those longing to be embraced by the Great Mother, it beckons, ‘come and ye will be healed’.

Ask me where I’m from and I’ll say this was my home, though my internal experience of this home sharply contrasts with the image. Astro*carto*graphy says that when I moved from East to West my natal Twelfth House Pluto moved with me – to the Ascendant. Through sheer force of childhood will, I tried to make this home a safe haven, but the Universe had other things in mind. [Read more…]

Sexy Solstice = Jeans, T-Shirt & a Candle


This Solstice takes place a day and a half before the New Moon, also joining Vesta, sacred harlot and keeper of the sacred flame. For these Lunar Goddesses, sex was something more than sensual contact – but sacred, healing ritual. The vestals were charged with bringing the fertilizing power of the Goddess into contact with in every man and woman. They did this by having sex. Sacred sex. Anonymous sacred sex. In a cave. 

Out of dedication and commitment to the Divine Feminine, the vestals held and stoked the Kundalini fires. Men, broken from battle, would visit the Vestal Temples to ‘re-fill their well’ so they could once again return to the world of war and men, whole and complete again – as the Vestal Virgin her self was. Those visiting the Vestal Goddess beheld the fertilizing power of the Moon and those who yielded to her sexual ministrations were renewed, made whole again.  [Read more…]

Sun Power, Squared

I’ve been getting the message, or as Julia Cameron calls those strong inner directives, ‘marching orders’, to teach, teach. Every time I parlay the thought back into the court of Consciousness, it pops back into my court again like an air-filled toy. I’m rarely at a shortage for bright ideas; with Mercury square Uranus, and Uranus Rising, I’m an idea factory. But I also need to be discerning about which idea to follow because, a) I’m an artist, b) I need to guard my energy reserves, cause I’m a Cancer and c) we must be choose-y about how many creative babies we nurture.

For these reasons and more I follow the 3x rule. Idea comes up, I dunk it back down. 3x later I pay serious closer attention to that ‘Idea’. 

So here I am, hitting the ball back and forth with the Creator, asking Teach what? Can you just tell me what?!‘ while vibrating like a plucked nerve string that just won’t stop. Then it hits me back: on the brink of defining a new world model, we need our creativity and imagination more than ever. We need steady encouragement to follow our dreams, to open to our childlike sense of wonder, instead of live in fear. We need to re-define what safety and security means, cause it’s no longer associated with a stable job or steady paycheck. We need to pull on all our creative resources, because creativity is our birthright, it’s an unlimited resource, and it’s a resource we can use to transform obstacles.

I need to teach The Artist’s Way. And hopefully, a small group of local people need to learn it from me.

The Artist’s Way isn’t just for artists. It’s for people who are looking for new creative solutions.

Obviously, I’m feeling the ‘snap crackle and pop’ of this Sun-Uranus square, trine Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. Let’s see if anything comes of this ‘good idea’.

About A Lemmy – My Favorite Astrology Blogs was recently nominated for a Lemmy or Lemonade award by Fern of Wisestars Astrology, for being ‘wise and wonderful.’ I’ve been writing astrology online since 2004 and it feels good to receive something. Even without the proper ceremony, red carpet sashay and fake-out kiss from a celebrity – I’ll take it! Even though I’ve yet to find an official site on this award, I understand that once you’re nominated, you nominate 10 other blogs (if you want) that show ‘great attitude and gratitude’ (according the ladies), let them know, & post the lemmy badge on your site. So passing on the good will, here are my ten astrology blog winners in no order of preference. You can also find them on my blog roll.  [Read more…]

Sagittarius Full Moon, For Lovers of Reality

I recently traveled through Geneva, Switzerland. The value of travel is obvious – being taken out of the routine everyday and plopped into the unfamiliar it has that way of shifting perspectives. So while painting my bedroom this morning from grungy smoke damaged brown (the result of burning too many candles) to a charming bright mint green, returning to the land of gruyere and honey in mind, I had the deep thought that what travel does for the mind, a fresh coat of paint does for a room – it invigorates tired, dulled senses. While painting, I found myself fantasizing (yet again) about making a retreat area, and how I would probably enjoy retreating to this particularly wonderful green. With each stroke, I began to look at the old room in a new way: I wondered if I’d ever really acknowledged the inherent worth of that room. It is a good room with lots of potential. Yet it’s seemed to small and dark to behold a proper meditation area. Oddly, I’d been sleeping in this room for three years, and looking at it today with this fresh coat of paint, it was as though I’d never really seen it before. 

The mind is like that. We hold a perspective, and we don’t think much about why we perceive the way we do. We just do.  We have our perception and like the dull brown paint, it gets old. Yet that same perception colors everything. [Read more…]