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Solar Eclipse New Moon In Cancer: Returning to Essence

At first glance, upon stumbling on Simone Butler’s essay on this Cancer New Moon Eclipse, I thought I’d been punk’d. How could we who do not know each other have written something so similar? All I saw were the words in bold, ‘Daughters of the American Revolution’. I felt flattered, then a little piqued at being mimicked, not unusual I suppose. When I got over myself and read further I discovered that she was using Sabian Symbols as Oracle, which, according to my new facebook acquaintance Lynda Hill and author of book by the same name, describes the oracular message of this eclipse degree. Although my turn of phrase was different, I had spoken about the crisis of the crumbling patriarchy without a feminine infrastructure to support a more balanced world. I had spoken as a ‘Daughter of the Sexual Revolution’.

You may be thinking this is no big deal, we’re all under the same stars, right? Yes, we astrologers are all in the same club and although we’re a diverse bunch, occasionally a few of us are bound to hit the same nail on the same head in almost exactly the same way. But this was different. I had unknowingly spoken about a Sabian Symbol interpretation from a book I’d never read. [Read more…]

Earthbound No More: Why People Are Dying

Death leaves us with so many questions. With the smattering of public figure deaths happening on the world stage, the latest one isn’t about the mysterious circumstances of Michael’s but, why are so many people dying?  An astrological look may help. First, New Moons represent birth and death symbolically. The last New Moon in Cancer (a sign associated with public: figures, mood and sentiment) was opposed by, or in cahoots with, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld & Death (also the planetoid formerly known as planet). Pluto in Capricorn is a harbinger for breakdown in the system, and the types of structural changes and reality checks that can only be experienced from the bottom up. I can relate this New Moon with Pluto to a dream I had about a pregnant mother – who was my own. I was unclear whether she was pregnant or just carrying a bowling ball of dead weight around her belly. Pluto asks: is it dead or alive?  [Read more…]

Michael Jackson: Important, Beloved, Man In the Mirror

( asked me to write about MJ but they never ran with it – so I’m offering it to you, here.)

I never wanted to Beat It, but I did ID with the song PYT, to which I used to dance in my room alone (unless you count the MJ Thriller poster as a dance partner, which I did). I danced as the King of Pop lounged in his white suit on my wall, looking suave, sexy and probably for one of the last times naturally handsome, or close to it.

When I broke the news to my family, my thirteen year old impervious Gemini stepdaughter replied, ‘Who’s Michael Jackson?’ My seventeen year old said she knew who Michael was – a celebrity, right? She never knew Michael the performer, the innovator, the Moon Walker and originator of the single white glove look. [Read more…]