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New Moon in Virgo: If It Ain’t Growing…

flower growing through a wallOnce, long ago, I was really really ill and no one knew what was wrong with me. I now know that myriad issues of basic self-care ie not eating properly, getting enough rest, and the inability of my parents to model a hygienic lifestyle along with the spiritual crises of many life changes – well, it all piled up like a mountain of broken bicycles. It was a Virgo pile-up of massive proportions and the only thing that could save me was a cataclysmic and life-changing lesson in ‘how to’: how to do this thing called Virgo. But back then, all I could think was that my body has turned on me, that my body was the enemy. Turns out the real enemy was hidden from me (I have Virgo on the Twelfth house cusp), so hidden that it was invisible. I was missing a relationship to Virgo. So I did what most people do in that case: I got sick. And then I did the thing people who get sick do: I found someone who specialized in fixing these things. Someone who was really good at classifying, analyzing, categorizing, and differentiating and curing. Someone good at learning systems and then using those systems to educate and help, someone good at that mysterious art of Virgo. I found someone to do it for me, until I could do it for myself.

This may be a Libra rising approach; we Libra risings will bring other people into the fold of our lives, enlist them to teach us about our self-experience. But one of the mixed blessings of being a Libra rising is that you get to experience each of the signs and it’s opposite, both at once, and so have a remarkable opportunity to do that Virgo thang called growth & personal integration. [Read more…]

Sabian Symbols & Mercury Retrograde

Trolling for preliminary props and praise, A Love Alchemist”s Notebook manuscript ended up in the hands of a few astrologers I”d never met before -including one, Lynda Hill. As a direct result of this synchronicity (as well as seeing Lynda’s work featured on April E. Kent’s website), I’ve become re-acquainted with the Sabian Symbols – which are essentially visual images that describe each degree of the zodiac. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the background of how Sabian Symbols came to be, it’s an inspiring and fascinating story appropriate for this Pisces Full Moon. [Read more…]

And Now For Something Completely Awesome

We astrologers are earnest about being taken seriously.  This can turn the best of us into curmudgeons, when certain of us shun popular astrology for generalizing (dismissing horoscope writers who shepherd the masses to us for a proper natal reading as irrelevant). The problem with that need to be taken so seriously is that we lose our humor and our perspective, and heaven forbid that happens, because humor is a true friend to creativity and inspiration. That’s why I’m delighted that Matt Currie has carved out his unique niche in the blogosphere and has now published a very cool book called Conquer the Universe With Astrology which is basically wit, writ large.

[Read more…]