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Leo Full Moon : Girl Finds Romance, Loses Mind

My friend Erin changed her Facebook profile picture to a celebrity. You’ve probably been invited to do the same. Her status update said something like: ‘it’s doppleganger week. Change your profile picture to the celebrity people think you most look like.’ She really did resemble Angie Harmon. I asked myself who that was and came up blank, so I asked my husband who said, ‘Winona Ryder’, who is not my favorite celebrity association. She does nothing for me. I went through a list of names who people have said I resembled and nope, I don’t resemble any of those people at all. I have my moments, my husband pointed out, when I resemble Angelina Jolie in spirit. Since I like Jolie, that was okay. Still. I look like me. [Read more…]

New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: The Short List

two goatsThe Angels of Capricorn clearly want our full attention; they’re putting an exclamation mark (it’s an eclipse!) on today’s Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse. Cap has an eye for putting in due diligence work on outstanding projects, especially those called ‘my life’s ambition’ and being a solitary, self-reliant sign, we often do this Great Work alone. However, since Venus in Capricorn figures strongly in this eclipse we’d be wise to open our lesson book to the page entitled: “Capricorn-ing” (here’s to using Capricorn as a verb, see below), and grab a dance partner to Capricorn with.

Saturn is retrograde (1/13-5/30/10). Saturn retrogrades in Libra through 4/6/10, suggesting a period of re-working, re-negotiating and re-strengthening our supporting cast – our partnerships. Great relationships are the foundations of our life. Capricorn’s/Saturn’s secret to successfully relating is not being dependent on others’ approval while knowing we cannot accomplish anything of importance in life, alone. [Read more…]