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Virgo Full Moon : Practical Magic

Damascus Virgo Full MoonlightOld time greetings from the oldest inhabited city in the world: Damascus. One of the things about visiting a country so far away from home is that you just don’t know: whether your bags will arrive, the visa will be waiting at the airport, the internet will work (spotty as of this writing I don’t know whether I’ll be able to send this to you!) or if you’ll ever want to return. Travel is less about taking things on faith that it all will work out brilliantly (because sometimes it won’t) than endeavoring to appreciate and delight in everything that does.

But first, you’re curious about Damascus, aren’t you? [Read more…]

Love Alchemy: Using Astrology for True Love in 2010

Looking for some awesome magical love mojo in 2010?

Once upon a time, the ancient art of astrology was tethered to magic. Today, for mysterious reasons, what was once one has become two. This perfect pair need no longer remain divided. By using astro-magical enchantments in the service of true love, we can take our enchanting powers up a notch, and marry magic to astrology again. Jessica Shepherd, author of A Love Alchemist’s Notebook, provides the year’s most favorable times for casting love spells. Click here to find out your perfect date for a magical love ritual!

Aquarius New Moon : Joining the Human Family

water bearerAnnouncement: Valentine’s Day Weekend, Mountain View, CA & Jessica Shepherd

I’m making a live television appearance on the Bay Area television station KRON 4 News, to be aired on Saturday morning, February 13 at 8:45 AM. So do tune in! That same evening I also have a book talk at East West Books in Mountain View, CA at 7:30 PM, to be followed by a Love Alchemy Workshop on Sunday, 2/14, (Valentine’s Day) from 1:00- 3:30 PM at that same location. For the workshop or book talk, call 800-909-6161 to reserve a spot.

Aquarius New Moon : Joining the Human Family

As I prepare for a smashing three event book tour this weekend, I am taking Saturday’s Aquarius New Moon message to heart. The most challenging thing in preparing for this weekend is my own insecurity, which is not just my own. Public opinion polls have told us that the fear of public speaking ranks right up there with death.  My ego gets that. Along with attempting to channel the embodied grace of Kate Winslet, I’m also trying to find that balance of practical preparation (can I explain this in a one-liner? what material should I focus on? should I memorize this?) and simple self-trust. Since it’s smart to seek out wise folk who have done this before, I’ve asked various professionals & friends for advice on how one should prepare oneself for a first-time media appearance.

Here it is:

‘You have a way with words (apparently after having explained Mercury retrograde to him so well)…I am not worried about you at all.’ (my dentist of 10 years) [Read more…]