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Sagittarius Full Moon: You’ll Never Make a Saint of Me

Rock n roll bride by Marianne Taylor

Rock n roll bride by Marianne Taylor

Life (with a 3rd house Pluto transit) has been pretty challenging. My house is being remodeled and it’s brought up a lot of stuff. Stuff that must be relocated and eliminated. And icky annoying Stuff that needs to be dealt with. Oh, it’s had it’s good times – of dreaming on how good life will be, later. And having an extra guy around the house, a crusty ex-rock n’ roller named ‘Rocky’, has it’s charming moments, too. Like the time I came home to my man jamming on guitar with the Rockster. Or when we joke about building him an in-law under the carport, essentially adopting him into the family like the handyman who always hung around Candice Bergen in the old sitcom, Murphy Brown. But mostly it’s been a trying experience, and because it’s felt so acutely annoying this has forced me to confront all the minute and mundane things that get under my skin, really get under it. At times like these I could sure use a bigger perspective… [Read more…]

Taurus New Moon: The Good Life

Leisure & Fashion by Slim Aarons

Leisure and Fashion by Slim Aarons

I tend to look forward to the Taurus New Moon much in the same way I look forward to a good meal. I know if I take the time to enjoy it, it will be satisfying and rewarding beyond measure. Yet, if I gulp it down unthinkingly and in a hurry, all the pleasurable satisfaction it could give me, is lost somewhere between figuring out what to eat for dinner, rushing to the gym, rushing to the market to buy dinner, and getting the dishes done so I can go to bed on time. There’s a logic to the Taurus season and it’s deceptively simple because just like trying to understand a Taurus friend, if you over think it, you not only risk missing the point but you will lose out on the simple logic of what your senses are telling you. Slow down. Take it easy. Stay awhile. Relax. We must slow down to appreciate life.

Frankly, Taurus New Moon is a relief for me, but maybe it’s just me. Considering full well that my own birth chart is full of cardinal (initiating) energy, it’s a huge relief to make relaxation, presence and increased pleasure my new moon intention. It is nourishing for me to give myself permission to become one with my lounge chair over a leisurely lunch, [Read more…]