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Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Holding the Tension

18-MoonThe southern and northernmost latitudes of the sky, Cancer-Capricorn contains our innermost soul seed (Cancer) as well as our need to be recognized in the world, for being our self (Capricorn). Cancer at the roots of the tree, and Capricorn the flowering leaves, these signs comprise an integral structure of the zodiacal wheel. This, the meridian of Cancer-Capricorn, together with the horizon line (Aries and Libra) form the great cross of our sky on which the entire zodiac hangs. In many traditions these comprise the four directions.

In astrology, the cardinal signs represent the alpha and the omega events in life, and the photo album in between – complete with pictures of births, weddings, professional accomplishments and deaths. It’s the cardinal energies that bring us into this world, nurture us, partner us with a mate who will help us become whole, lead us to take a role in society and then to our final resting place. These are almighty powers and also difficult ones, for the great cross presents us with the most demanding paradoxes we face in life, personal freedom versus togetherness, family versus career ambitions, compromise versus choices, pleasure versus responsibility… and more. [Read more…]

Welcome to Eclipse Season…Watch for Shifting Baggage

overstuffed luggageEclipses travel in sets of two or three, occur during full and new moon lunations, and always in pairs. Because the effects of eclipses can begin up to three weeks prior to the actual eclipse, eclipse ‘season’ can last as long as two months. To what purpose does this unsettling, exciting time serve? Eclipses move us along our evolutionary path, often with huge signposts, other times with a whisper – and always with an element of surprise. Imagine you’ve been focused on redecorating several rooms in your house and you’ve been stuffing the attic with all the things you’ve moved in the process. “Suddenly” the roof begins to bow. But this is not really a surprise because out of the corner of your eye you’ve noticed the bulging attic yet because you’ve been so focused on other things the attic just wasn’t a priority. Now the attic demands your urgent attention. [Read more…]

Astrology of Travel, Saturn: Running With the Devil

DSC00101Travel is stunningly synchronistic: our destinations choose us, for, wherever you go, there you are. Unsurprisingly one’s travel agenda often brings along one’s transits. Mine currently: Saturn and Pluto, not anyone’s idea of a vacation. Foreknowledge may be forewarned, but nothing prepared me for… duh duh duh… a double Saturn line (and a Saturn lunation). Never have I so clearly experienced, as Liz Greene describes, Saturn as the Devil. My own little Gemini Saturn has been good to me, but a triple dose was bedeviling. The Devil almost completely tricked me into succumbing to defeat; there were certainly enough problems. Yet, negativity, defeat, self-remorse…that’s how the Devil works his evil ways. Below, my astro-travel logue into the dark of Spain (Saturn in bold).

[Read more…]

Do You Speak My Language? Do You Have a Planet in the Seventh House?

John & Yoko by Annie LeibovitzIf you speak the language of astrology, and you have a planet in the Seventh House, your story is WANTED for a research project. Your answers may be incorporated into a book.

Here’s what I’m looking for: first-person narratives over sound bites, depth instead of breadth. The questions below will get you going, but there are no ‘rules’. You can answer all, reply to a single topic and go deep, or nix these questions altogether and write about your Seventh House experience.

You don’t need a sophisticated astrological vocabulary to participate, only a general understanding of the planetary archetypes and willingness to share. [Read more…]

Jupiter Uranus Aries Conjunction: Be Dazzled

Satori can happen everywhere by Alice PopkornIf you’re not jumping out of your skin yet, you must not be an Aries (or have planets at the early cardinal degrees). Jupiter and Uranus have together alighted on the celestial scene and it’s a creative emancipation for those of us who have felt our individuality held back, and a true opportunity to go on and get on with your most radical self of selves.

This conjunction opposes my Pluto and falls smack on my Sixth House Mars. I don’t need any caffeine to greet my day; I am alert! Physical activity isn’t just helpful – it’s required. More deeply, Pluto’s transit to my Sun has been sluggish, tedious, wearisome, and I feared gravity would have its way with me. Ah, happy awakenings alight! I need this; we need this. To the deadening grind of Saturn and Pluto, add the enlivening, invigorating juices of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. Bold expansion! Promethean consciousness! A more authentic version of your self! [Read more…]

Gemini New Moon: Baby Mamas, Nixed Degrees & Double Lives

I went to a baby shower today. Observing the cooing & cawing among women, I felt strangely detached, a person who doesn’t speak the ritual customs of the baby mama club. I mentioned to my girlfriend that I wanted a baby about as bad as I wanted my wisdom teeth pulled. Seeing my husband with his wisdom teeth pulled just this week, and being on nurse duty since, a baby just seems like another mouth to look after. I ponder this duality between mom & not mom, I make mental notes as I introduce myself to others- I’m a stepmother, yes, I do still enjoy Sex & the City,  I’m an astrologer and writer, and getting ready to go on another overseas trip. As I introduce my self to the Baby Mamas, I’m shocked to discover I’m not only an obliquely Geminian character, a person whose whole is made up of very distinct parts, but that some of them don’t even overlap. My stepkids will never see me dancing burlesque; my single friends have never integrated into my married life; the people I meet at my book talks, or in Italy, Vienna, Egypt, Syria and Spain will know a part of me. Will one ever know the other? Will the circle complete? [Read more…]