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Increase My Harvest Full Moon Spell

Increase My Harvest, A Full Moon Spell

Full moons are good times to get in touch with your spiritual center, to ask for awakening, for guidance, make spiritual requests and wishes. The Harvest Full Moon, (the first full moon after the sun has entered Libra -a harvest full moon is always in Aries) celebrating the final harvest of the summer before we head into autumn, is an exceptional full moon. Always, when doing a spell, follow the spiritual law of abundance – Ask, Believe, Receive. Whenever we ask for anything, it’s always good to give thanks, first. That’s not just good manners (Sun in Libra approves!), but gratitude is a powerful prayer. In fact, there may not be a more powerful one. Why? Imagine Spirit is puddle jumping to meet you. If you’re already on the abundant side, it’s much smaller leap for Spirit to make (this is also a law of attraction. When you’re grateful, you’re aligned with abundance). [Read more…]

Mercury Retrograde Rides Again

574756285_3f2537a1c7If us Astrologers were to write up a cosmological code of conduct, a ten commandment doctrine of sorts, Thou Shalt Not Buy Machinery During Mercury Retrograde, would make that top ten list. Well, I’ve violated that. Twice.

Yes, but, because…when two of our cars overheated in the same day, and one died completely, Mercury retrograde be damned- it was simply the right time to get a new car. Or two. [Read more…]