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Full Moon Aries, It Isn’t Pretty

Facebook peeps have been asking, ‘where’ve you been?…haven’t seen you around lately.’ A picture’s worth a thousand words, isn’t it? A Pluto transit will do that. When Pluto comes around one’s birth chart, the uglies; wounding, repressed desire, rejected, shamed, grief, those infantile and enraged parts of self fixate on our being (and hold the key to our energy and full power) till it’s done. Try having a staring contest with an unflinching hardball Hades- a visit to the underworld is no public Facebook affair. To add a wicked poison to the love potion, I am Libra rising, I wear the mask of civility, courtesy & grace. Pluto is one uncivilized beast. [Read more…]

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: Fierce Beauty

Asia Argento as La Vellini in THE LAST MISTRESS directed by Catherine Breillat. Photo credit: Yorgos Arvanitis/Guillaume Lavit d’Hautefort/Flash Film.Venus forays into the Underworld in 2010 from October 8-November 6 in the sign of Scorpio (all the way back into Libra from November 7-18). While it’s hard to know how the once every year and a half advent of Venus retrograde will affect each of us individually, there are consistent general themes: re-valuations of relationship, value and self-worth. A friend recently reminded me of the MesoAmerican Venus, Quetzalcoatl, known as morning and evening star; bringer of culture and civilization (evening) and impetuous, youthful & bloodthirsty (morning). Fickle. A varied Goddess, we will have unique experiences but can point our consciousness toward where we’ve been exiled from truth in beauty, sensuality, nature. By Venus’ heliacal rising (she rises before the Sun 10/28-29), we too may re-emerge transformed. [Read more…]

Venus Retrograde: The Beauty Within

Aphrodite’s Mirror, Looking Inward

Retrograde cycles are some of the more profound times for honest self-reflection on the inner workings of that planetary archetype. When Aphrodite’s mirror turns inward, we more clearly see our contribution to the relationship, money and self-esteem issues which have been troubling us. The relationship and self-worth issues that ‘return’ during this period will likely re-trigger an old pattern or wound so that we can examine it more deeply. During Venus in Aries retrograde, one of my clients described the unusual feelings she experienced on a shopping trip with a romantic interest; he offered to buy her anything her heart desired, and instead of being able to receive this generous gift, she was filled with shame and inadequacy. [Read more…]