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Pluto, Saturn, Squares, First House Planets: Trust Your Authority

After my previous V-Day Plutonian post, I was talking to a long-term counseling client who told me the whole situation would’ve scared her. Wasn’t I scared, she asked, Didn’t I feel violated by unsolicited attention? I can’t say I didn’t feel incredibly unnerved by being the object of someone’s affection. However, my fears were mostly about my own ability to live in the center of my own life. To be nervy, but to not lose my nerve. To trust my own authority. [Read more…]

My Pluto Valentine: Bottomless Love

Some things we will never know the answers to; mystery questions that will change the course of our lives if we chose to follow and answer to them. UFO’s, crop circles, thirteen crystal skulls that have come to earth to bring us peace and healing. Then there’s the whole question of death, reincarnation, the ultimate meaning of our existence. I’m may be more spiritually curious as the next person, but thanks to my three year brush with Pluto, my perspective has changed. I love to search for  answers but I’ve also come to understand some searches are bottomless – hollow, even.

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Venus in Capricorn: Woman of Substance

“I want a fingerprint of my own and I want credibility, and that’s all I want. I just want some substance to my existence.” – Lisa Marie Presley (Venus in Capricorn)

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” – Dolly Parton (Venus in Capricorn)

“I find the same thing sexy in a man now as I always have: humor. I love it when they are funny. It’s to die for.” -Diane Keaton (Venus in Capricorn)

If you were born when Venus was in the constellation of Capricorn, the Sea-Goat…

Venus likes to be around other people; her sign describes our social nature. Unlike some other Venus signs, being alone isn’t something a Venus in Capricorn born fears or dreads. Not at all. They need regular periods of alone time, as solitude helps them to relax, to recover their peace of mind and sanity. This Venus sign is the archetype of the hermit. Wait, if that sounds a bit unglamorous, au contraire! [Read more…]