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RIP Elizabeth Taylor, Venus in Aries Icon

Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered. Not just because I play-act, to my husband’s chagrin, my favorite all time movie scene. It’s the scene in the eery movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? where a liquored up Martha, mimicking a Bette Davis movie, walks into her messy house, hands on hips, ciggie dangling from her downturned mouth sourly says, What a duhhmp. They just don’t make movies like this anymore, heck, they don’t make actresses like this anymore. When she made this movie a weathered Elizabeth Taylor is nearing forty, and she looks it, goddess bless her. Before botox, there was Elizabeth Taylor. But she was a pioneer in more ways than one, and indeed ‘pioneer’, ‘heroine’ fits like hand in glove. She was passionate about AIDS awareness and spoke out at the beginning, saying, “the silence is deafening”. Inspiring, passionate, pioneering, these are words that belong to a Venus icon – Venus in Aries.

Then there were the husbands. Seven of them. Blessed with sexual enthusiasm and magnetism, Aries-Venus choices can be impulsive. But with the irrepressible enthusiasm of springtime, in love she remains undefeated. Even if knocked down, Aries-Venus can and will pick her self up again and goes right back into the ‘ring’. When asked why she got married so often Taylor replied, “I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me.” With her penchant for adventure, excitement, for this Venus sign the deeper work of relationship is sustaining it past first bloom. But eventually those raw emotions in relationship- anger, impatience, passion, rage – will surface, and learning how to effectively allow too-hot-to-handle emotions to coexist within the context of committed partnership is lifelong work for Venus in Aries. Of course, if her partner can’t match her gusto for love and life, even this is a moot point. They must be able to meet love and life with the same bravado, hunger, enthusiasm and love for adventuring that she does. Venus in Aries’ personal ad reads: “I’m a thrill a minute. Puh-lease don’t bore me.”

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Is this Venus too hot to handle? Of Taylor, Richard Burton said, “She was unquestionably gorgeous. I can think of no other word to describe a combination of plentitude, frugality, abundance, tightness. She was lavish. She was a dark unyielding largesse. She was, in short, too bloody much.” (Or, too f***** bloody much. Aries compels, no She deserves, a good curse word for dramatic emphasis). Too f***** bloody much. Taylor was a helluva Venus in Aries woman.

RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

A New Look At Chiron: A Change in Attitude

During astrology lectures, specifically the cookbook ‘by planet’ portion of the program, one question chiron-ically asked of the Expert is: Buuutttt, what about… Chiiironnn? Is it only me who fights the urge to ask, Would you like some cheese with that whine?  Even when well-intended astrology-minded friends talk about our Chiron, we whine. Recently, a big name Astrologer complained (on a message board) that when she freely gave her money to a colleagues Paypal donation box, she expected a follow up thank you-note (she qualified this with a mention that Chiron is transiting her Pluto).  Chiron seems to bring out the Whiner in everyone. So as Chiron transits my Sun by trine, prompting unusually high levels of emotionality and yes, whining, I decided to take a closer look at the Wounded Healer.
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Uranus Transit Override: Chiron In Pisces Takes the Wheel

I have to get this off my chest, so get ready for a bunch of astrological jibberish followed by plain english. Uranus has entered Aries, it is now exactly opposing Pluto, within two degrees of my Mars and Sun. And I’m just not feeling it– though I’m sure some folks out there, for example those in Libya, are. I have Uranus on my Ascendant, and I know the enlivened, exciting, restless live wire energy of this vivifying planet. When Uranus entered Aries last June (with Jupiter), I could barely contain myself. Since I have Uranus in Libra, art and music, specifically Erykah Badu’s Window Seat, and Sade’s Warrior of Love, calmed me down. Dancing around was all I could do to keep my spirit from jumping out of my skin. But now, all I’m feeling is sad.

Maybe it’s that transiting Saturn is opposing my Aries Moon from the Twelfth House, and Chiron now trine my Sun. I’ve been emotionally sober, and (unusual for my Aries Moon), also so needy & dependent on the people I love for my emotional health and happiness. This emotional sobriety is probably, definitely, contributing to the fact I’m finding the world events almost paralyzing. I also notice, in response to the recent collective disaster, a level of compassion fatigue and soul-sickness (if not outright sickness), emerging in myself and others. I’m a little worried about empathic overload. I connect this to Chiron in Pisces. [Read more…]

The Art of Losing, Uranus Leaves Pisces

In the past two days, I’ve been informed of two deaths. One, an acquaintance’s family member; the other, a high school classmate who was a fixture in my social circle. The former was a suicide, and the other was young and healthy enough to surmise that free will played a role in her death, too (you usually guess this when you see ‘no foul play suspected’ in the police reports). For me, this brings up feelings already brewing from a more acute loss this Winter: sadness, loss, and the compassionate awareness that life is hard.

Astrologically, Uranus is leaving Pisces. Something we explored at the Steven Forrest retreat this weekend was the idea that as Uranus leaves this last sign, we are in a time of necessary endings. Steven said that part of this evolutionary work is accepting the inevitable ending of things. The question was posed: What do we need to let go of? He suggested the exploration was incredibly complex and required careful discrimination. He also suggested privacy as one thing we are likely letting go of.

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