RIP Elizabeth Taylor, Venus in Aries Icon

Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered. Not just because I play-act, to my husband’s chagrin, my favorite all time movie scene. It’s the scene in the eery movie Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? where a liquored up Martha, mimicking a Bette Davis movie, walks into her messy house, hands on hips, ciggie dangling from her downturned mouth sourly says, What a duhhmp. They just don’t make movies like this anymore, heck, they don’t make actresses like this anymore. When she made this movie a weathered Elizabeth Taylor is nearing forty, and she looks it, goddess bless her. Before botox, there was Elizabeth Taylor. But she was a pioneer in more ways than one, and indeed ‘pioneer’, ‘heroine’ fits like hand in glove. She was passionate about AIDS awareness and spoke out at the beginning, saying, “the silence is deafening”. Inspiring, passionate, pioneering, these are words that belong to a Venus icon – Venus in Aries.

Then there were the husbands. Seven of them. Blessed with sexual enthusiasm and magnetism, Aries-Venus choices can be impulsive. But with the irrepressible enthusiasm of springtime, in love she remains undefeated. Even if knocked down, Aries-Venus can and will pick her self up again and goes right back into the ‘ring’. When asked why she got married so often Taylor replied, “I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me.” With her penchant for adventure, excitement, for this Venus sign the deeper work of relationship is sustaining it past first bloom. But eventually those raw emotions in relationship- anger, impatience, passion, rage – will surface, and learning how to effectively allow too-hot-to-handle emotions to coexist within the context of committed partnership is lifelong work for Venus in Aries. Of course, if her partner can’t match her gusto for love and life, even this is a moot point. They must be able to meet love and life with the same bravado, hunger, enthusiasm and love for adventuring that she does. Venus in Aries’ personal ad reads: “I’m a thrill a minute. Puh-lease don’t bore me.”

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Is this Venus too hot to handle? Of Taylor, Richard Burton said, “She was unquestionably gorgeous. I can think of no other word to describe a combination of plentitude, frugality, abundance, tightness. She was lavish. She was a dark unyielding largesse. She was, in short, too bloody much.” (Or, too f***** bloody much. Aries compels, no She deserves, a good curse word for dramatic emphasis). Too f***** bloody much. Taylor was a helluva Venus in Aries woman.

RIP Elizabeth Taylor.


  1. Venus in Aries *plus* a Scorpio Moon trine Pluto: Pow! That’s one darkly beautiful and powerful woman.

    This Aries Venus will miss her tremendously; I just get her sexuality, her womanhood, her inner conqueror. It comes as no surprise to me that her first, big movie (National Velvet) was not about her sexuality, but instead, she could shine in a role where she could race and WIN.

  2. I love the connection you made to National Velvet, Rachel. She’s one of the few women not seen not just as a ‘body’ but a formidable, feisty, wanton be-ing.

  3. Great scene – She was just one of the best. Love the tussled hair, assertive brests and the chanting with chicken. Just fabulous!
    “I don’t bray!!” She said, abruptly in typical aries fashion. Ha!Ha! I’ve got moon in aries,
    so I know all about ‘braying’and abruptly.
    Thanks for sharing that Jessica.

  4. Thanks, Jessica, for this post. I grew up with my mother admiring Taylor so much. She always told me Taylor was the most beautiful woman in the world but I think, even more deeply, my mother admired her spirit, and how she didn’t seem to kowtow to men. I’ve followed her life from a distance, as have many millions of people. Thank you for giving us a last glimpse at this f******* remarkable woman.

  5. Great article, Jessica. I can’t wait to see your rendition of the movie scene in person. Or, better yet, your husband’s rendition of your rendition. I’m laughing already!

  6. I’ve only just discovered my fascination with Elizabeth Taylor but I respectfully beg to differ with the Aries admiration society. Too often Aries goes right for what it wants without giving a fig about who gets hurt in the process. I grew up with an Moon Aries mother and it was awful. Yes I have a Pisces Moon but I also have a powerful Scorpio sun in the 10th house with Capricorn rising (Pluto is in my first house for the next 14 years. Take that!) So I’m clearly no wuss but I’ve still got the scars from dealing with my mother’s heedlessness. I think the point for Aries is to learn how to fight for the right things in the right way. Otherwise, in my experience, they’re just runaway trains mowing down everything in their path. I do however deeply respect Ms. Taylor’s AIDS activism. In fact, that’s an example of what Aries is put on the planet for.

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