Sexy Summer Solstice Spell

source: Aphrodite by Kamillyonsiya

My delectable friend Sofia facebook’d me this morning…Y’know the pomegranate ritual? It’s too effective. I’ve been celibate for 10 months; is there something or a ritual to do to reverse it? PLEASE say yes!

The pomegranate ritual is one I created because I relied far too much on that wonderful shimmery sexual chemistry as a qualifying factor for a partner. Then I figured out was really going: I was re-enacting a cycle of low self-esteem and wounding; I figured sexual desire was enough of a basis to begin a partnership, which had the effect of putting a sticky “I’m attracted to you” haze over everything, confusing me, preventing me from being comfortable in my true self, and preventing us from truly seeing each other. Obviously I’m not suggesting you disregard chemistry – but if you’re looking for a life mate, maybe initially (frankly, neither my sister nor I knew we were sexually attracted to our now husbands till after we got to know their personality and character. This is quite common!).

So here’s a spell for sexy Sofia- which you can do whether you’re single or in a relationship, to light your fire again, to get that sexual shimmer going in your relationship. I chose elements of water and fire because they have special significance for summer solstice, a time of rejuvenation, abundance and sexual ripeness (and this picture of Aphrodite actually reminds me of the gorgeous Sofia!)

When to do it: On any Friday, the day of Venus, Goddess of Love. Orif you have an astrological calendar look for a harmonious aspect of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and/or Venus in the sky. And/or look for a day of generally harmonious transits for your chart, preferably a day when the Moon, Mars, Jupiter sweetly touches your Venus.

You will need: A bowl of water, a lush flower symbolizing your fertility and ripe readiness (maybe a lily or another tropical flower), an aphrodisiacal scented oil like ylang-ylang or cinnammon, and a red candle.

Sit next to a mirror to amplify and reflect your energy, and recite:

By Water, I am clear, open and receptive to a lover. I am the sweet flowing streams, the peaceful lakes, the wide open sea of love (take the lily out of the bowl and put it in behind your ear).

By Fire, I am the eternal flame which never goes out. I spark passion, joy and desire in the hearts of everyone I meet (anoint your third eye and pulse points with the oil).

Blessed by Water and Fire, I am open and ready for the one I desire and who desires me.

To complete the ritual, if you choose, follow with a Magical Bath: see my book, A Love Alchemist’s Notebook.


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