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Virgo New Moon: An Unfinished Life

jilliansaphotographerIn an attempt to organize and streamline my unfinished office, I bought a unfinished desk. I had spent months looking for a great desk and I finally made a practical choice, a plain but sturdy one, which, with elbow grease, has potential. Fretting that I had just purchased something more to add to my to do list, I asked my husband, who thought the desk was just okay, how he would refinish it. He snarkishly replied that he’d send it back to where it came from, aptly reflecting my mounting dispiritedness. When we take on a spiritually monumental growth task: to publish a book, start a business, refinish a room, renovate a house, or learn a new skill, at some point we will be daunted by the work, overwhelmed, and all of our our personal inadequacies will be triggered. We may procrastinate. We may even give up.  Yet the humble work of perfecting what is unfinished has sacred potential. At the space between who we  are and the perfection we desire, there sits The Virgin, purifying & perfecting us.

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The Private Lives of Pluto in Libra

As a card carrying member of the Pluto in Libra generation, this planet-sign has always been hard for me to really feel in my gut. There’s the shadow of Libra: obsession with appearance & beauty, rejection/repression of the baser qualities that make us ugly/unlikable, obsessing over relationship, hiding our dark not-so-nice urges, etc. But as such mental gyrations only scratch the surface of Pluto’s depth, I was happy to stumble onto The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, a movie that was artistically beautiful, but cut far deeper, subtler & whipsaw smarter than first appeared — which also happens to be qualities I ascribe to the Pluto in Libra generation. Pippa speaks of the power of relationship (and its wounds) to shape and transform our lives, and in ways we may not consciously realize.

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Women, Martial Anger & Stayin’ Alive

bottled up anger

Mars, the Warrior, transits Cancer- the sign tied to emotions, nurturing, safety, family, memory and women- from August 3-September 17.

The other night I told my husband that I hope he can handle me in the long term because I’m only going to get awnrier, harder to handle, and even more loud-mouthed over time (he replied that he didn’t doubt it). My Moon is in Aries (so is my Mars). I need to let off steam. As an aside, one way you will always know I am comfortable with you is that I will start cursing like a sailor around you (no, not at you). I realize this may be off-putting, especially if you are a new client and you’re wondering what to expect from me, The Astrologer. Know that, if I feel comfortable enough to use the f** word within the first fifteen minutes of talking,  you are someone I could love. That’s Moon in Aries. [Read more…]