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Scorpio New Moon: Hecate’s Moon & Graveyards

Wednesday’s Scorpio New Moon is known by those in Pagan circles as Hecate’s Moon. Hecate is the Pagan Goddess of the Underworld and she ferries, from one life phase to another, those in seasons of transition. A three-headed Goddess of the Maiden, Mother and Crone, her energy is present during those liminal spaces of time during which we feel “in the dark”; in the dark about the future, lost, or uncertain about which way to go, or somewhere between death and new life. At times when the future appears hazy and unclear and thick as coastal fog, out of the grey mist Hecate’s bony fingers reach for us – through our unconscious, dreamworlds, invisible dimensions, and “occult” tools – penetrating the thick confusion by offering guidance from other realms. Scorpio, or Hecate’s New Moon empowers us to psychologically & spiritually look inward to harness the supernatural power we all have at our fingertips, and if we’re stuck, to actively seek out ways to remove any blockages to our vitality.

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An Interview With Practical Astrologer April Elliott Kent

I’ve never fallen in love over the internet, but I’ve fallen in major like. With a voice. April Elliott Kent’s voice. April’s often wry, bravely honest and hearty essays at BigSkyAstrology had me at hello. Now I’ve had a major crush on another lady Leo writer, too, so what is it about Leo writers?! April says, I think Leo has a gift for telling their own story in a way that helps other people see themselves in it, and inspires them to tell their own story.  April & I have yet to meet, which neither of us can believe (she just informed me she is coming to San Francisco in June 2012!!) but I am always happy to promote her work and her second book, The Essential Guide to: Practical Astrology, published this summer by Penguin, gives me another excuse to love on April. Without further adieu, below: April reveals her celebrity astro-twin, secret moon practice, and offers advice to those trying to make the leap from technically correct interpretations to chart synthesis. Practically, of course.

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Aries Full Moon: A Hiss is Just a Hiss

A mystic passed through town and villagers asked his advice about a snake. This snake had been terrorizing town folk with venomous bites, and they wondered whether the mystic would talk with him and see whether something could be done. He met with the snake, explaining that the biting thing was dreadful, and if he would stop, everyone would leave him alone and everyone would be better for it. The snake agreed to the plan. Months passed. The next time the mystic came through town, he stopped by to pay his old friend a visit. To his surprise, the snake was half-dead, covered with scabs and wounds. The defeated snake said he’d stopped biting, but once the townspeople figured out that he was no longer a threat, people began taunting him, throwing rocks and kicking him. The snake wondered why this happened, when, ‘I did what you said.’ The mystic replied, ‘Yes, I did tell you to not bite, but I never told you not to hiss.’
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The Karmic Wave Breaks On Amanda Knox

Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries are acting as catalysts for so many world events — revolution, financial & political revolt, toxins rising to the surface of political regimes and financial markets. Collectively and personally this is exciting longstanding karmas to erupt and such is the case for Amanda Knox who, after 3 years internment in an Italian prison, was found not guilty just yesterday. Given the botched DNA evidence (and  that an unrelated man, Rudy Guede, has already been convicted for Meredith Kercher’s murder and is now serving a 16 year sentence for Kercher’s death), I am hoping that Justice would prevail, because with Pluto lurking around every corner, it’s hard to know if corruption will prevail instead.

I had just done a slew of charts for clients for whom “the karmic wave is breaking…” (when outer planet transits trigger the nodal configuration, ie, our past life karma, the “karmic wave breaks”). I looked at her chart not curious so much about her guilt or innocence, but about her past-life karma. After all, a murder trial is not something a typical 18 year old consciousness faces in a lifetime. I also wondered something I often ask myself about the usefulness of astrology consultations: Had she been my client years ago, before that fated trip to Italy, could I have said anything to her that would have been helpful?

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