Paying Tribute to the Gods, Pisces New Moon

What’s your connection to magical consciousness? For me it’s very Third House/Mercury, driving, walking, writing… also, dreaming. Last week I was working on a reading and I couldn’t help thinking I was missing the overarching thread that would pull it all together. Troubled, I silently asked for guidance, got in the car; and a show on NPR gave me the missing link. Often when I’m on the phone with a client, in answer to what’s being said on the other line our neighbors’ pack of wolf dogs start howling – eerily amplified by the canyon. And recently, feeling bereft of focus, I decided to write a mission statement for my astrological practice. Later, I received generous feedback on the reading I did prior, the feedback mirroring my intentional statement almost word for word. I connect synchronous magic to attentive Mercury, but also to Neptune and Pisces, conduits of consciousness.

With Neptune angular in my solar return chart, this year has had the feeling of living as if ‘in a dream’. For periods of time I will see symbols of my consciousness, everywhere. I am taking a walk and thinking about a friend who is grieving the loss of her baby, when a woman with a red cape appears from behind a corner. She is holding/hiding an infant underneath her cape. She looks at me, and quickly rushes off. I think, She is like a living tarot card. Was she real or a dream? One day, driving with my patient friend and astrologer, Fern, I was bemoaning my Pluto transit, and as we pull up to a crosswalk, a man with a skeleton shirt is waiting to cross the street. Deadpan, I point it out to her.  We both laugh and Fern exclaims, “This happens only with my water sign friends!” I also had an experience where my legs get weak and I have the thought, “the world feels like it’s about to end,” and that same afternoon someone’s world as they knew it radically changed forever. I don’t call this psychic; more like I’m aware that Spirit is silent, and it can only communicate in ways I’m open to noticing. Dreams, words, our awareness being placed on something in the moment– all ways of attuning to Spirit, tuning in.

I’ve learned to pay attention to when Spirit speaks, through what I call ‘the world channel’, because in those magical moments I feel very connected to all of life. Deciphering the meaning of these dreamy occurrences isn’t straightforward. Sometimes we instantly get it, and others, we are left to ponder. But when I do get it, it’s exciting and magical. As I began doing dreamwork this year and got some compelling new insights into myself– besides paying attention– I wondered how to pay it forward. Then I got an idea from reading Ariel Guttman’s TMA article, Myth and Dreams. She said the ancients, after experiencing a dream, typically made an offering to the dreaming god Asklepius by taking action. “If you dream of an old friend, call her. If you dream of an unhappy time from your childhood, allow yourself to meditate…feel the grief, sadness, loss.” I like the idea of taking action, yet I know not all messages are actionable. So I started a Goddess Jar. If I have a healing dream, experience synchronicity, or feel my consciousness has been aided by angels, on a small piece of paper I write a little thank you note and drop it into a blue Ball Jar on my desk. I hope by honoring the gods, I’ll keep the connection to magic, open.

This years’ Pisces New Moon falls on February 21st, at 2’42′ Pisces, near Neptune, having newly entered Pisces. In the coming years I imagine we will have many more opportunities to allow the magical consciousness of Spirit into our lives. Magic is afoot. As the fishes swim one way, we may be given the opportunity to gain more awareness around our own secret hidden self-undoing. As the fishes swim the other way, if we can place our trust intuition over logic and surrender any notions of the way things should be versus how they actually are, we gain access into our spiritual identity. Pisces/Neptune magic is not  all smoke and mirrors and psychics; it is accessible through working on our consciousness. During this New Moon period, set an intention to listen to the world channel or your dream world, to collude with magic. We’ve all had experiences in which a moment of clear consciousness, everything changes. It happens when we least expect it, when we’re not looking, and in those moments we let old ways of clinging to logic and our illusions go– clearing the way for fresh ways of being. Tired old self-logic is so flimsy and insubstantial when we’re riding on the back of Poseidon’s dolphins.


  1. Well done! Nice writing, insightful grasp of the stars.

  2. Awhh, a compliment. This Libra rising thanks you kindly, Eric!

  3. Ellen Nicholas says:

    Loved this! I’ve also been experiencing more and more of this magic in my life. So I will also try Asking (like you did before getting in the car). And I’ve always thought- if I dream of a person – it warranted a phone call, or at the very least, a trip down memory lane with my journal. Thank you!

  4. Ellen, I don’t know about you but I find that if I’m feeling particularly Neptunian (hazy, anxious, even confused) I’ll do something like go on a walk, or play with the cat, something mindless but still mindful, I hold a quality of awareness– and feel I’m ‘charging’ that part of myself which is open to this particular form of magic. Presence makes all the difference between a low or high Neptune moment :)

  5. Jessica, you are hardwired into how Pisces affects my spirit. This is a stunningly beautiful post that doesn’t leave us floating “out there” (which Pisces encourages), but brings us into the consciousness of having both feet in both worlds.

    You have inspired me with your Goddess Jar to do the same. I’m setting one up on my desk today. Thank you for that inspirational tribute to the spirit that surrounds us always.

    Bright Moon blessings to you. ~ cj

  6. Incredible post….just returned from St Johns where everything was dreamy, dreamy. It feels that way today too. Your writing is smokin!
    I’ve loved noticing how your your writing has gone deeper and deeper. Hoping you will rub off on me……:)

  7. CJ (aka Auntie Moon), With Pisces in my Sixth, I am a lifelong apprentice of this sign, and so am encouraged by the warm response to this post. Maybe I’m making progress! Thank you for your lovely words.

    Deborah, Deepening actively happening. Fairy dust being sprinkled… ;)

  8. Thanks, what an inspiration you are! I am making my Goddess yar while celebrating the new moon tomorrow!
    Very happy with your post!

  9. A lovely post, Jessica, and very well written. The words flow beautifully and the whole pace of your post feels dreamlike. I love the idea of paying homage to the Gods by taking action. Thank you, Sally

  10. What’s your connection to magical consciousness? How can I ‘find’ mine? How can I hear my guides and what they are saying?

  11. Hi Angelica, Cultivating a magical consciousness is different for each of us. I think it is evoked during any activity that takes us into stillness and Oneness, through being open to it. You can open to and start the dialogue through affirmation, prayer, meditation, inner listening, and then be open to observing what happens in your world. Jessica

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