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Ten Tips For Surviving A Pluto Transit

Since 2009, Pluto has transited my Pluto, Mars, Sun and is currently joining my North Node. I am Pluto girl. & I still have questions. The main one being, What just happened? Trying to meaningfully interpret one’s own Pluto transit is like reading hieroglyphics -before the Rosetta Stone. With Pluto we are often in the dark.

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Aries New Moon: I AM Uranus

As the Sun moves through the constellations, once again we find our selves at the beginning: Aries. The zodiacal sign of Aries has over the years, earned my admiration. Full of vigor, can-do and the enthusiasm of perpetual springtime, Aries has the power to turn away from the past, the whole 11 signs that came before.  After swimming with the Fishes, Aries juts chin out and in an act born of defiance & Truth makes this moment, this life, this day, brand new. No other sign can claim that.

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Mercury in Aries, Retrograde: Retro-fitting the Self

The weather, wet and cold right now in northern California, is great for staying indoors, reading novels, deep introspection and calling in sick – which is what I did today. As the piled high mountain of used Kleenex mounted, and after reading a few chapters of a fantastic novel, I decided that what I most wanted to do with my sick day was to put some attention on my latest life mission: figuring out a way to do what I love, without killing myself (the alternate title for this post).

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Virgo Full Moon: …And Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamins

Virgo is undoubtedly one of the hardest working signs in the zodiac, and Virgo’s virtues –meticulousness, fastidiousness, and mental focus– she applies to keeping the inner workings of our lives, keeping body, home & business running smoothly, seamlessly. Because I’ve known so many Virgo folks (and those with mega-Virgo planets) who make it their job to assist others be their best, I often think of Virgo as the invisible helper– someone who tirelessly works on behalf of others, sometimes going unrecognized, often doing the grunt work that few others have the aptitude or desire to do – save Virgo.

fair maiden with wheat shaft~ thee clearly are not gluten-free!

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