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Venus Transit Sun: The Plumed Serpent Re-born

On June 5th, retrograde Venus in Gemini passes between the Earth and the Sun, forming an inferior conjunction. This wouldn’t be so rare (a Sun-Venus conjunction happens once every 584 days) were it not for the fact that Venus’ nodes, currently in the signs of Gemini-Sagittarius, are also aligned with the Sun’s path. When this happens, visually -with appropriate viewing aids- we  can see the ‘transit of Venus’ as she passes in front of the Sun. The last time this happened was 2004; the next time will be 2117. This is a once-in-a lifetime transit! Collectively and personally we are seeding new connections: ways of connecting to our self and each other, our self-worth & value, art and creativity, and our relationship to the feminine. [Read more…]

Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse: Hard Won Success

Gemini is an effervescent season — of connection, cross-pollination, information exchange, sharing, storytelling. If we are sitting on the back porch and watching spring turn to summer, we are also looking around and taking note of what’s happening right now. It is the season of listening. How else will we know what’s trending now, what’s in the air, unless we look around, unless we listen to the voices within & around us? Today, the hot commodity in Fairfax, CA is Coconut Bliss, a non-dairy agave sweetened coconut ice milk. A few years from now, it won’t be. That’s the nature of Gemini, and also the nature of eclipses. What’s novel and new right now? If there were a time for sharing our ideas, it’s now. Right now, the present, has prophecy in it.

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Venus Retrograde in Gemini, Loving The Contradictions

“Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.” – William Shakespeare, Venus in Gemini

“I am driven. I am. I’m driven for some reason. But I don’t know where I’m going.” -Courtney Love, Venus in Gemini RX

Venus is the Goddess that rules connection, pleasure, relating and our personal responses to what and who we like, and from 5/15-6/27/12, Venus retrogrades beginning at 23’59’ and back to 7 degrees Gemini. A problem I run into when writing about the general state of Venus affairs is that Venus issues are so personal that people don’t often  share them – at least not openly. Ever ask a woman her age or how much money she earns? Venus subjects are often intriguingly hidden (perhaps why Venus traditionally “joys” in the Twelfth House?). Gossip columns claim to know why celebrity relationships falter. In reality, sometimes even those closest to a couple (and sadly, sometimes one-half of the couple) don’t know why it really ended. [Read more…]

Scorpio Full Moon: Lay Your Burden Down

The-Vampire-MunchThere is no greater joy in life than love. We love love- as it should be. To have someone … to have and to hold in sickness and health, for richer and for poorer…makes the coldness somehow warmer.  In stormy waters, nothing but love, no one but our lifelong companion(s) could ever make “sickness” and “poor” remotely bearable, survivable even. [Read more…]