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Aquarius Full Moon: Eyes Wide Open & Uranus Transits

Rousseau Sleeping GypsyAt night we sometimes sleep with the curtains open, allowing the moonlight into our bedroom. Moon-bathing under her silvery mystical rays can be calming, healing, soothing. But sometimes the full moon’s energy has an opposite effect; instead of a soothing lullaby, she enlivens the night air with an electric feel, making it impossible to sleep. Last night was one of those nights of restless kids, cats, lovers. The kids stayed on the computer and in animated conversation well into the wee hours; our normally snuggle loving cat stubbornly refused to crawl into bed and stationed himself next to the window. With pupils dilated, Obi looked expectantly upward to the night sky because, who knows, anything could happen – a squirrel or bat or owl might fly through the window! – and he didn’t want to miss out on that surprise.  [Read more…]

Cancer New Moon, The Twig & The Apple Tree

One morning, my husband and I were driving into the city and I was happy and felt good. For no good reason. First, I’m not a morning person. Second, I had just stopped drinking coffee. Third, I was having a massive Pluto-Uranus-Sun-Mars-Pluto transit, which had just about altogether wiped out my  capacity for optimism. This was weird.

Suspicious of this new positive development, I warily said, “Hmmm, I’m experiencing what I can only describe as unfounded optimism…” John, the quintessential morning person and Jupiter-type smiled real big and finished my sentence, “…and in spite of yourself!”

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Uranus Retrograde: Steal Back Your Fire

“Be yourself and you can be anything.” -tagline for Katy Perry movie

“Love your weirdness.” The Daily Love, on the Katy Perry movie

We often think of Uranus as the planet of mavericks and geniuses, the Bill Gates of the planetary pantheon. Or maybe as the planet of weirdos and freaks, the rainbow wearing Wavy Gravy guy or someone with a “progressive” style. But those who have paid attention to how Uranus works in real life will notice something paradoxical about the way Uranus, the Teacher, teaches us to fly our freak flag high and proud, be weird or brilliant. Because for as many Katy Perry’s who have successfully claimed their genius (and weirdness), for as many people who appear to have become immune to social acceptance and belonging, many more know that identifying, then resisting the pressures of cultural programming, then finding a whole new way of life that feels authentic and true…is a lifelong journey. [Read more…]

The 40 Day Project, Neptune, The Care & Holding Of Magical Space

How do you hold the space to work out your intentions and life problems?  I have tried various methods. I’ve prayed, affirmed, spell-casted and altar-ed my way through some of my life’s biggest dilemmas and quandries. Pulling on the power of a spiritual force bigger than I has worked wonders. I’ve discovered that spiritual work that actually *works* takes discipline, focus, imagination, creativity…and a strong container. A good practice is well-designed. It’s design, by nature, cares for and holds the space for transformation.

There are many big huge changes and shifts I’ve wanted to effect in my life, and these are things I’m really excited about so I have the motivation and drive. However, lately when I go to do something, they often sort of flop (technical glitches, or life takes a different course), or I myself flop (I had motivation 5 minutes ago – where did it go?). Even though the personal work I’ve been doing yields huuuuge breakthroughs – I have ’em – then I float onto something else and it’s hard to grasp that big breakthrough I had a mere few days ago. Huh? In short, it feels like Neptune’s doing. [Read more…]

Capricorn Full Moon: Unpack Your Baggage

The arrival of summer brings family vacations. We took ours this past weekend when we attended my husband’s family reunion in the Texas town of Weatherford. All Southern accents and hospitality, cowboy boots and freeways, barbecue & TexMex, the 105 degree humid heat stretched across a flat expanse of land that seems to disappear into the horizon line. The family stayed in a ten-bedroom home converted into a B&B, originally built in the 1800’s by a family relative (pictured). Our official agenda was “food and fun” so a decadent brioche pancake breakfast topped with blueberries and powdered sugar and side of bacon was en pointe. I ate raw crackers, almond butter and tea. I wasn’t surprised to eventually learn that almost everyone at the breakfast table was diabetic or pre-diabetic. Sadly, the typical American diet has the majority careening in that general direction. As I ate my monkish breakfast with these nice new to me people, I wrestled with complex feelings about alienation…& self-care. [Read more…]