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Aries Full Moon: Your Wild And Precious Life

Since the last new moon I have faced a few obstacles:  a head cold, a broken pipe that led to no water for six days, more signs of a rapidly declining website, a printer refusing to print…each obstacle requiring more time and attention than I wanted to give. And each obstacle in and of it self, felt disempowering. Days of going without water, days spent problem solving- probably my least pleasurable activity in the world –trying to master technology, and days laying low nursing a cold. These have eaten into other areas of my life – my plans, goals, marketing strategies to earn much needed income. I’ve had to change directions, at least temporarily. Like wild pigs showing up on my doorstep, these unwanted things demanded to much of my attention. [Read more…]

Virgo New Moon: The Critic & The Crepe

This morning I tried my hand at a new skill: Making buckwheat crepes. Everything was going along smoothly. The sunshine is out, the birds are singing, and I’m making…crepes! I fantasize about buckwheat crepes becoming the specialty I am known for. Friends invite me over for the weekend for my crepes. Working along with the recipe, I don’t accurately gage the batter pour when I learn lesson number one: Crepes are best consumed as extremely paper-thin, delicate wrappers and are meant to highlight the delicious insides. Otherwise, they’re just pancakes. Undeterred by imperfection, I shred some goat cheese and before the crepe-now-pancake cools I quickly sautee some spinach (where was my sous chef?). Sitting down to a floppy looking grey green thing with cold cheese I optimistically tuck in only to discover the reason why it is always a good idea to wash even pre-washed spinach: There is a worm in my crepe.

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The Venus Return: Cinderella 0, Saturn 1

In the years of Venus returns, some are diamonds and others are stones. Coasting on the high of meeting some personal goals, on Friday, day of Venus, I went to the mall- a Venusian venue- a “happy place” and halfway meeting place for my sister and I to visit and catch-up…. when I felt incredibly sad. I didn’t want to be there. What was going on? I was broke. One quick look at the ephemeris confirmed that the poor shopping astrology day featured Venus square Saturn, and my Venus return. Damn, I almost forgot I had a Venus return. [Read more…]