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Uranus Direct: Surrender The SuperEgo

Welcome Uranus Direct! Uranus retrograde has allowed us to get real familiar with how our SuperEgo limits our person-hood. Our SuperEgo is that part of us that is chock full of shoulds, judgment about being too out- there, different, weird, and whenever we experience an authentic call from the Self, SuperEgo has plenty of advice about what we cannot and definitely should not, do. Uranus is like that status quo figure, The Heirophant, in the Tarot, or the person in your life who will always tell you you should be a banker, lawyer, doctor –when you know in the depths of your heart you will die if you cannot be an astrologer. Who will you listen to? [Read more…]

The Upside of Chiron

It’s easy to think of Chiron as the asteroid that always hurts. Maybe that’s true; maybe it is the arrow that will always find you, the hurt that will never entirely heal. If you have Chiron strong in your chart you likely identify with this. Chiron feels very Plutonian in that it is a wound. But it is different from Pluto, and I can always observe the difference during a client or personal transit. Unlike a Pluto transit, where we are a lone and sole dustmote in the galaxy wrestling with our own irrelevance, toxicity, shame and rage, with Chiron, healers are waiting in the wings. Always, within a stone’s throw, there are shamans and acupuncturists, astrologers and masseurs, energy healers and coaches. If we are on a Chiron journey, there are Chironian figures who have been there, who have been or who are wounded their self, who spend a lot of time attempting to heal their self, then use those skills to mend the world. [Read more…]

New Moon Sagittarius: Spirit In the Air

The Sagittarius New Moon on 12/13/12  falls at 21’45’ Sagittarius.

Each Sun sign season presents its own opportunity to renew and revitalize the energetic principles the Zodiac represents. Sagittarius expansively pushes at the bound emotions of Scorpio Sun season and into the realm of possibility through the renewal of faith– and right before the longest night of the year. It’s no coincidence that we have our holiday parties and gatherings at this time of year, my friend remarked as I drove her home from our shared dinner, we need to gather together in front of the hearth, to celebrate, to draw strength in numbers for the coming dark winter months ahead. [Read more…]