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Virgo Full Moon: The Being & The Doing

My client called me the other day, confused by the way the very ground of a decision she had just confidently made had quickly emotionally bottomed out. “Yesterday I was so sure of my decisions but today I’m feeling anxious, uncertain about everything.” I looked at her chart: the Sun, currently in Pisces was transiting her Twelfth House, the house of Pisces. During the 30-day or solar transit we each experience annually, our fears loom larger, life feels topsy-turvy, chaotic. Any load we’ve been carrying around, preventing us from moving forward, demands deep surrender, release –without knowing what’s next. During this time we undergo a mini-lesson in being comfortable with uncertainty.  If it weren’t so confusing it’d be downright spiritual. [Read more…]

Saturn Transits The First House: The Life Waiting For You

With Saturn now moving retrograde, I figured I’d check in on how I’m faring with Saturn. Saturn has been transiting my first house since September 2011. I had been looking forward to Saturn leaving my twelfth house like I looked forward to being released from an obligation I had no interest in keeping; in my twelfth, Saturn had taught me to quiet down, stop working so hard, to chill out. Dialing back and losing focus in the diffuse awareness of the twelfth house does not and did not feel natural to me. With a score of like 65 on Donna Cunningham’s Cardinal-o-meter, I flip flopped like a fish out of water. Not until Saturn entered the twelfth house did I realize how much my identity was fused with doing instead of be-ing. The week of Saturn transiting the first, initially felt like a release from bondage. That week, I reconnected with parts of my self I thought I’d lost by attending a high school reunion, and taking an art class with a master artist. In a very real sense, this was the beginning of the rediscovery of the self. But after the initial homecoming, I had to let go of that nostalgic self-reunion. There’s a Joseph Campbell quote that speaks directly to what takes place during the shift from Saturn from the twelfth into the first house(s), “We must be willing to get rid of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” [Read more…]