Aquarius Full Moon: Dream Catcher

dream catcherThe Eleventh House. The house of Aquarius, associated with Visions and Dreams, Hopes and Goals for the Future, Friendships and Allies. When I first began studying astrology, the Eleventh House was enigmatic. I’d think: A planet in the House of “Wishes?” Well, sprinkle pink fairy dust and spin me around three times. Over time I realized the way to properly understand this assortment of descriptors was thru Aquarius’ golden rule: the right friends, allies and networks always help you achieve your goals for the future. There is a universal truism here: we may be outsiders, aliens or iconoclasts but we can never arrive at a future, at least one we want, alone (a natal planet here cements the importance of this truth).

A truism is true for a reason. I can trace every accomplishment that’s ever really mattered to me to a string of people who have made it happen. Like a string of pearls, each of these precious people have had everything to do with my personal and professional success. I didn’t necessarily personally know those who aided and abetted my Future Self -not at first. Aquarian friends and allies are not your best friends (that’s Libra; although they came become your besties), but they are your Friends. They are the people you get to know… through other people you know.

My dear network of friends and allies have been on my mind and heart over the past few weeks. We’re temporarily relocating to Stockholm, Sweden for four months at August’s end. The future is full of unknowns. I’ve had a handful of few moments thinking, “Where will I find my people?” Like a Zen koan, the question plays on my mind. During foreign travel landmarks and points of reference all around you aren’t the same. It’s part of the joy of it. Yet one’s network is exactly that, a net. You may not know how you will get where you are going or what your Future Self needs, but by virtue of connection, you are held.

This Aquarius Full Moon is a time of nurturing both our visions for our future, and the friendships and alliances that help us get there. In Robert Cole’s book The Book of Houses, the Eleventh House is the House of the Visionary. When the Sun transits this natal house we are open to receiving visions about our future, and are unconsciously or consciously choosing our dream-seeds for the next year. The Eleventh House/Aquarius holds that kind of dreamy magic. Likewise Aquarius/Eleventh House is also the house of Harvest, of dreams-come-true. When we plant seeds and water them with friendship and support, they do.

Every year the full moon alights in Aquarius and this year it does so twice. Is a dream coming true for you right now? If so, thank your lucky stars and the friends and allies that surely played a role in your harvest’s arrival. I am in the final edits of a book project, and I couldn’t have done it without my Aquarian dream posse. As I push along my dream seed, new people continually enter the fold and my network widens. I’ve been reaching out to my network, asking if anyone has friends in Stockholm. One replied to me yesterday. The Internet is a fantastic Aquarian tool for networking; there are so many groups online.

Jupiter and Uranus form a square at this full moon; to envision a new way of being, entertain all the possibilities, entertain everything and throw out nothing during this month because potential is “in the air”.  Build a dream catcher, a net for your Future Self to step into. Some questions you might ask your self right now: “Where would I be without my friends and allies?” and “Who can help me make my dreams come true?” Think outside of the box, consider friends of friends, and don’t forget to thank your Aquarian dream posse. As that famous Beatle sang about his own dream posse, We all get by with the help of our Friends.



  1. You are Loved. You are Golden. You are a part of my Dream Posse! Thank you for sharing the airwaves with me and with so many others who benefit from your written words, Jessica. Keep it up and I look forward to hearing more from Sweden!

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