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The Neptune Square

fade awayThe first time I tried to write this blog it disappeared. Typical Neptune. I had been writing it within another document and although the other piece remained, Neptune just vanished. Similar experiences have happened with Neptune involved: a married client talks about her ghost lover during a session, and my recording device on my computer times out leaving us with no evidence of the discussion. Neptune absconds with time, too, as if to prove that actions mark time, and that without actions time is made irrelevant; many Neptune transits leave the person experiencing them with a Neptune-induced amnesia — people forget what they did for days, weeks and even years. Books are started and half-finished, romances appear then disappear, houses are swept away by floods… There must be a special place in heaven for those still left wondering, “Whaaatt?” by their Neptune transit. A “Neptune” Lost and Found, a place where people can go and be reunited with lost objects, people, ideas, lives. I hope so.

The Neptune Square is a generational transit. It happens for all of us between the ages 40-42, for approximately a 2 year passage. The Neptune Square introduces itself with a general malaise and fatigue, dis-enchantment if you will, with how things have panned out so far. The timing of this makes sense. Your thirties are a busy time spent striving to make goals and livelihoods happen. Most of us are building a career, relationship and family and all of this takes so much energy, energy we can senselessly spend, and often without stopping to pause or self-introspection, because we do have the energy and determination to forge ahead. [Read more…]

Pisces Full Moon: Swept Away

starfishVirgo is a busy time of new commitments and new agendas.  If Virgo season had a scent it would be the smell of pencil shavings and fresh paper. If Virgo had a signature look, it would be perfectly put together: our first day of school outfit. If Virgo had a library it would be full of self-help books, how-to and educational texts. The Virgoan urge for productivity, squaring things up, planning and scheduling, listing and problem solving is reflected in everything we say, wear and do this season.

Ah, if only everything were so neat and tidy. If only we could throw our life’s problems into the Virgo processor and have them reformulated and regurgitated back out, with easy to follow instructions. But that is not life on Earth, and Pisces Moon knows it. There’s so much in the world we cannot ever “figure out”, questions we may never find answers for. Do UFO’s exist? Reincarnation? And how do we justify natural disasters, like last week’s flood in Lyons, Colorado that swept a high school friend’s home away. Just the night before, I had happened to dream about him, for the first time in years. The next morning, my heart dropped as I read his simple Facebook status update “my house is being taken by the river.”  An incredulous someone asked if this was metaphorical. Pictures soon followed. [Read more…]

Virgo New Moon: Pull It Together

Virgo_Goddess_by_RoseThorn33Relocating to Stockholm for four months has been a monumental move. Clothing for three seasons was made doable by my handsome and handy (Mercury in Virgo) husband’s packing cube system – genius! Packing up our five person household and making it tidy for our temporary tenant was both satisfying and wearying and I was never so happy to sink into the seat of a fifteen-hour flight than I was that day. To hop on a plane is easy, but to journey without losing your mind and passport is not. Luckily, the productive Virgo Sun and Mercury were holding space for us, providing clever solutions when we needed them, economizing efforts with smart systems, and honing us in on the details when we truly couldn’t afford error. [Read more…]

Illness As Spiritual Path

spiritual being

“It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society.”-J. Krishnamurti

Most people take up the spiritual path out of human need to find a context for our human experience. We are searching for a way to make peace with our self, our life. We may be looking for forgiveness or meaning or healing. Everyone on the path wants to end the sense of separateness, suffering, fragmentation and alienation we feel. [Read more…]