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Checking In On The Uranus Pluto Square

Phoenix_detail_from_Aberdeen_BestiaryThere is a cosmic tone happening right now, and it will continue through 2015. Many people are questioning whether their life as it is, is truly sustainable. Individual circumstances vary but the feelings of unhappiness, despair are common and at core there is a deep inner knowing that what we have been doing for the last XX years is not supporting the future person we want to become. This is not only true for some of us individually, but as we are seeing, it is true for us collectively as a whole. Systems in our government are broken,  false starts leading to perpetual impasse. Individuals are in jobs, relationships and situations that are holding them back, yet the path forward is unclear for a time, and then when the truth of what must happen does reveal itself (in a dramatic, painful call from the authentic Self), answering that call feels, and perhaps is, threatening to the survival of the body, job, relationship, Self and Ego. Something may need to be given up, to die, to move forward; something may need to so dramatically change that even if outer circumstances stay the same, it feels like a death is occurring. [Read more…]

Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: The I In We

Jessica in LabryinthLately, I’ve been thinking about the fluke of me (what? huh? me??!!) living in Stockholm for these four months. Most often, I’ve been awestruck, amazed, overwhelmed with gratitude that my husband, soul mate and now Fulbright Scholar has given me the gift of this — the biggest overseas experience we’ve had yet. Life is an experience, and this is one that I will remember forever. But on a few other occasions, the harder times, times when I’ve yearned for the comforts and friends of home, times wondering what I will do with my days, weeks, months… I’ve felt cast adrift, a boat bobbing along on the sea, tethered to and reluctantly tugged forward by my partner’s professional goals and their fulfilment. [Read more…]

Libra New Moon: A Balancing Act

vintage_woman mirrorThe person we represent our self as being, is not often the person we are. Politicians present a straight-talking wholesome face to their constituents while behind the scenes they are making dirty, self-interested deals. Remember the first time you saw a woman without her makeup, and she became a whole different person? A well-crafted image is something we all create in relationship, too. We choose the right clothes, say the right thing or joke, omit certain bits of information about our self, play up others.  I notice this phenomenon a lot on Facebook where most folks tend to share only the good and the best of their selves. In this carefully curated gallery of selfies, celebrations (promotions, birthdays), quirky news items, deep thoughts and beautiful pictures are shared liberally. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. I have Venus on the MidHeaven, and Libra Rising: I work hard to create beauty worth beholding!

Venus is the archeytpe of “good marketing.” When she’s good, she’s very good and when she’s bad, well, unless she’s a Scorpio, she leaves those things out of the conversation. No one sees a new mama’s tears in that endless stream of baby pictures, and no one will ever see me having a bad hair day on FB either. It’s not wrong to portray your life in a certain light; it’s just lopsided. When we craft an image we’re also creating a myth of our self and the story you create about you, others believe, too. Is it real? Sure. Is it an illusion? Absolutely. Love the paradox of Libra. [Read more…]