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Taurus Full Moon: Pleasure

11-restful-painting-by-pino-daeniEvery week since I’ve been in Stockholm, I’ve visited a European bathhouse. In the midst of a bustling city street, an old-timey sign appears advertising that you can “restore and relax like it’s 1904”. The facilities are modern enough -several warm pools, heated swimming pool, steam and dry saunas, all situated below ground and in this warm cavern you can’t help but slowly unwind. Afterwards, too rubbery legged and relaxed to begin my journey home, I take tea in the crisply bright artificial sunlight. The funny thing is, every time I go, I think maybe I can skip today… but when I arrive, my aching body sighs and I think: oh how I’ve needed this.  The pleasure of finding deep relaxation, the calm and peace so deeply helpful and restorative to both body and psyche, battered by living with chronic pain.  [Read more…]

Scorpio New Moon Eclipse: The Animal Inside

all saints in swedenIn tune with Scorpio season, darkness is descending on Stockholm. As the Sun begins to set around 3 PM, and dark by 4PM, the sky will consecutively darken and by February the Sun will only make a 2-hour appearance. It is the perfect environment for skulking through the gorgeous graveyards inhabited by glamorous dead people like Greta Garbo, and for writing crime and mystery novels. Today is All Saint’s Day (November 1) where candles are lit for ancestor’s graveyards. Endless night, combined with the fact that expressing extreme emotion (including celebrating or drawing attention to oneself) is socially discouraged, I understand why Scandinavian mystery, murder and mayhem novelists find it so easy to take darkness to a whole new level. [Read more…]