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Love’s Reprieve: Venus Moves Retrograde

birth of venusIf there are periods when everyone’s relationship and self-esteem issues are ‘up’, that time is now. And if you study astrology you’ll know exactly why: Venus, aka Goddess of Love, is moving retrograde this solstice, December 21-January 31, in the sign of Capricorn. Lady Love’s orbit has slowed so that she appears to be moving backwards from us Earthlings’ perspective, making matters of the heart less straightforward. To avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of this period for re-strategising relationship & love, read on. [Read more…]

Gemini Full Moon: The Magic and Wonder

northern lights svalbardAbout a year ago, my husband hypothetically asked me whether I’d like to spend 4 months in Zimbabwe or Stockholm. That was a no-brainer. I answered: Stockholm, already knowing from my tourist experiences that travel’s difficulty and discomfort increases exponentially by number of miles travelled and cultures crossed.

Now we are here. Yet immigrating to a new country for a period of time is different from tourist travel. When you travel as a tourist, the immediate convenience of a hotel, the allies you find in your hotel staff, create a bubble of protection and safety. Not so here. Residing means finding an apartment, negotiating rents, money and banking without knowing the social protocol, custom or language. For instance, in Sweden, you cannot pay your rent by sending a check. You must send a deposit slip, an old fashioned book of payment forms, issued by your bank. However, we learned that if you send the invoice with the check, the check is rejected altogether because you sent the invoice and not the invoice stub. That first month we lived off of credit cards, even with money in the account, because the banking system is horribly bureaucratic. [Read more…]

Sagittarius New Moon: View From The Top

black-mesaI live in a tree house that sits high above our small town, overlooking a canyon. From my living room window, I can see hawks circling the valley below looking for lunch while in the distance the sun shimmers on the ocean bay. Removed from the bustling town center and with a wide panorama view that Mother Nature reserves only for birds, this mountain-top home preaches the art of perspective. I love it for many reasons, but the consistent effect it seems to have on others and myself is a sense of expansion. It’s near impossible to feel small and insignificant for too long when confronted by such spaciousness. It stuns you into submission. When life has me feeling tight and cramped inside, the feeling doesn’t stick around very long. Not here. All I have to do is take a meditative look at the expansiveness in front of me and I am drenched in the bigger view. [Read more…]