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Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse: Basic Sanity

bull in nature weheartitDuring the weeks surrounding Eclipse season, such as the one we are currently in, emotions and energy can be ragged, uneven, which can leave us feeling frazzled, disembodied, ungrounded.  There’s dynamism in the air but unsettledness, too -including reactivity and disturbances in our relationships (Libra Lunar Eclipse). As my friend, April, succinctly said in her essay two weeks ago, “This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes with a clear message: your relationship style has outlived its usefulness.” Boy, did it. Echoes reverberate as we determine how to proceed with those we love, without blame, judgment and with love & compassion for our self and others. [Read more…]

Birthday Magic & Solar Returns

lions bride by wolff

Every year, the Sun makes its annual return to the same position it was when you were born. This day is your birthday. In astrology the Sun holds our vitality, willpower and life force, as well as what makes you uniquely you. You are being kissed by the Sun. It’s appropriate to be made a big deal over on this day, to be showered with blessings, to celebrate our self and allow others to celebrate us!

In astrology, a birthday brings more than age. On the days surrounding your birthday, your wishes and intentions are more potent than usual. This is because the Sun, planet of your vital will and life force, is strongly supported in the ethers. Synchronicity abounds. I’ve personally observed that events and activities surrounding your birthday carry a lot of information about the year to come. It makes sense: A new cycle is beginning, and your birthday chart kicks it off.

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Pluto Station-Retrograde: Trials By Fire

calcination heartcurrentsPluto, planet of taxes, death, rebirth, resurrection and sex makes a habit of turning retrograde around tax day, as it will this year on April 16- September 25. In my personal and collective experience, we are not good with handling Pluto. It’s hard to face what no one wants to either do (die, pay taxes), talk about (death, sexual taboos) or own up to (desire for power, old traumas running our life). We’d rather… not. That’s part of the problem with Pluto. The other is that Pluto transits are frustratingly and agonisingly slow. Pluto is the furthest non-planet (since it’s untimely demotion) from us and thus by the time we’ve gone through the two and a half to three year process, we earthlings are plum tuckered out. So a level of frustration, fatigue & even flat out denial goes hand in hand with our experience of Pluto. During hard Pluto transits we are also often dealing with a lack of financial, emotional and spiritual resources. How to cope with the sheer intensity of this massive thrust for psychological honesty without cultural support beyond therapy, which many cannot even afford, staggers the mind — and contributes to the level of trauma, damage and violence in our world. I’m trying to be positive here, but frankly, Pluto doesn’t do Pollyanna positive. The stuff of Pluto is just difficult. There’s no getting around it. [Read more…]

Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Peace, Love & Understanding

Peace_by_kalani1980 (1)These aren’t the easiest of times. Everyone’s cup is filled to the rim, and living with daily stressors can really wear you down. Paradoxically, stress lowers our tolerance for handling the complexity it brings into our life; science says stress chemicals hi-jack our brains, and narrowing our ability to think we literally become dumber. Under stress, we become reactionary and reductionistic. Even ordinary discussions are bigger, hotter and redder as, we, and the people in our lives, find it all to easy to forego nuance, ambiguity and instead jump to conclusions. [Read more…]