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The Nudge of The Moon

moonIt’s Cancer Sun season. The Sun is now ruled by the Moon, so it’s a time for quieting down, listening to the Soul. The feminine Moon presides over our heart and soul while the masculine Sun presides over the Ego, the Self, and it’s glorious prizes of achievement and recognition. While both dance across the sky of the cosmos together, how clearly our world favors the Sun over the Moon. We basically ‘go, go, go’ all the time trying to accomplish what? We scrap for replenishing down time, struggle with honoring the expression of our feelings, and all but neglect taking the time to listen to our heart. It’s a solar world we live in, and one revolving around accomplishment and ambitions because that’s the way the Sun rolls.

The result is, our lunar, or heart nature has become severely depleted, or under-nourished and often all but ignored. [Read more…]

Chiron: Pain Without Suffering

Is it possible to experience pain without suffering? As a person who has lived chronic illness for 23 years, and the last 11 of those odilonwith chronic pain, yes it is. Case in point: when my Fibromyalgia pain was at its most awful worst, awash with both pleasure and pain chemicals, I fell head over heels in love. Looking back, it seems miraculous because I know now that pain can be the worst form of terrorist who holds your body, soul, life hostage, at gunpoint. Yet it doesn’t have to. Pain –of any form, psychological, mental, spiritual, heart- can exist without suffering. Pain can be “what is”. What we tend to do is put an overlay of emotion and belief around our pain, then it turns into suffering.

I’m learning this the hard way. I’m in the middle of my Neptune square (it happens for all of us, during ages 40-42): a time when life can lose it’s magic, when it’s easy to lose your way. Watery Neptune brings in the mist-ical and mystical; its transits are characterized by feelings, feelings of fogginess, and emotions that are mythic in proportion but feel very personal.  Somewhere in the fog I began emotionally identifying with the pain, feeling victimised, and: Ouch, that’s how pain turns into suffering.

Chronic (chiron-ic) pain is a reality of life, and for some (especially those with Chiron strongly featured in their birth chart), pain is a larger reality and lifelong teacher. At the time of this writing, Chiron is station in the sky, turning up the volume on Chiron themes for all of us. No one is immune from the slings and arrows of life’s misfortunes, they are indeed a part of life, and no one teaches this better than Chiron. [Read more…]

Sagittarius Full Moon: A Life Less Ordinary

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.26.47“Dwell in possibility.”
“Truth is so rare it is delightful to tell it.”
– Emily Dickinson

Famous Sagittarian (Sun, Mercury, Venus) poet Emily Dickinson may seem an unlikely fit for this adventurous sign. Emily was an ordinary recluse, an eccentric social hermit who wore white clothing and eventually lived her life from one room. You wouldn’t know it from her poetry. Born with the Spirit of the Adventurer, Emily’s inner life was colorful, expansive, rich. She ventured inward, and created her own meaningful diversions. In her time, Dickinson, probably better known for her botany skills and glorious garden than poetry (according to Wiki), wrote that she “could inhabit the Spice Isles merely by crossing the dining room to the conservatory, where the plants hang in baskets.” Emily was also born with Moon (Libra) in the Twelfth House, explaining her chosen solitude and enchanting imagination. She was also irrepressibly optimistic, her writings often banished darkness with optimism and hope -a skill of the torch-bearing Ninth Sign: “I saw no Way/The Heavens were stitched/I felt the Columns close/The Earth reversed her Hemispheres/I touched the Universe…” [Read more…]